And Again
Published Sunday February 11th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Thievery Corporation, feeling eye-burning-tired, again.

I don't really have a whole lot to say.. but I do feel like posting. Heh.. My grandparents are here! Yey!

Ahh.. And yet another crazy weekend has passed for Marco. I love the so called "college years." This now-over-weekend, on Saturday night, I went to Give Love 3 party in down town Los Angeles with.. uhm.. Isaac, Cory, Amanda, Shay, Joel, Abby, Kevin, and a friend of Kevin's Shelly. The venue was amusing, to say the least. The cold and damp rainy weather outside created a lovely atmosphere inside the old warehouse-"venue".. The outside moisture mixing with the moisture created from the sweating people and smoke which coated the walls with a lovely coating of dripping wet. The ground, too. The ceilings were so damp that every once in a while you'd feel a drip on your shoulder, your face or head. Mmm mMm, delicious sweat and smoke condensation droplets. My lungs probably forfeit a year on their warranty that/last night.. But it was fun! I washed my hair three times before going to bed after getting home at around 6 in the morning.

Anyway.. Erm.. Yep. This coming weekend I'm heading up to Mammoth with the family, the weekend after that I'm going to my works user conference to give presentations (yikes), and then the weekend after that, the first weekend in March I'm going to Vegas with Cory and others, then the weekend thereafter I might go up and visit Matt and Chelsea. Wow.. What the hell? It's very odd to have more than a months worth of weekends already filled with something to do. It feels kind of stressful, but I'm not complaining.

Also, Chelsea posted some pictures of her and Matt's new place here.

And.. uhm.. yes. This is my terribly written, sad excuse for a weblog entry. I need bed now.

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Posted by Chris @ 09:45, February 15, 2007
Good morning! Are you listening? Are you going to take a video of you giving a public presentation for work? (hehehe hahaha, jk, that'll be tough though)

Posted by bear @ 11:24, February 16, 2007
What happens in Vegas.... I'm f'ing telling everybody!!!!!!!!