1 days till spring break!
Published Tuesday March 26th, 2002

Well, then! who wants a new flavor of epiar! Me! Me! Me! Yes, and.. do we want music and sound effects? Yes! Yes! Yes! Well then.. thats what you'll get! Today i wrote the beta Battle Theme.. its.. prety cool.. check it out! click here!
Yes, well then.. one more day of school.. 8 more hours.. 7 more periods and.. im free!! woohooo!! Ah, yes... well then.. excelent.. and.. not so.. still one mroe day.. tomorrow will be compltely wasted.. im sure of it... i'll do nothing usefull at all.. grrr.. thats poopey.. yes? yes! Hrm, but still.. one more day! Epiar 0.15 is coming out thursday evening... yess! Fun! indeed... Hrm, well then.. morrow.. Chris is spending the night here.. we'll.. be up all night.. siting on our computers..in the guesthouse.. excelent.. well then.. thats it for today.. probably wont be a post tomorrow.. anyways.. im off to bed... la de doo!!