Sessions with Project Amaria - December 28th
Published Friday December 29th, 2006 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Project Amaria - Session 2006-12-28, feeling good.

Matt and I got together Thursday (yesterday) evening and mixed a bit. Matt had just bought some new Psychedelic Trance (25+8 tracks) from and what else was there to do but to mix them! I recorded the hour and a half set and am now posting it here. There are only a few screw ups and they're all fairly minor. The ending (last two tracks) was us screwing around. Keep in mind that we've never heard most of these tracks, and never mixed any of them.

We switched off mixing-in tracks each track (Matt mixed in a track, I mixed in the next track, Matt mixed in the track after that, I mixed in the track after that, etc.) The tracks played were picked by each DJ while the other was mixing-in. In other words, the set is not planned out one bit other than consecutive tracks matching each other musically and in style in the genre, or selected to possibly work well in the next mix-in. It's actually fairly decent. Anyway, here it is:

Project Amaria - Sessions 2006-12-28.mp3
143~144 BPM, 1h 31m 51s
110 MB MP3 @ 192 kbps VBR

Track Listing:

  1. Tron - Evolution Revolution [Initial]
  2. Beckers - Switch (Growling Machines Remix) [Mixed in by Matt, aka DJ NuTron]
  3. Journey feat. Max Stellato - Spotless Mind [Mixed in by me, aka Nungana]
  4. Polaris - Energy [etc..]
  5. M-Theory - Unrestored
  6. Broken Toy - Holiday Vibes
  7. Sub 6 feat. Jah - Natan
  8. Ultravoice vs. Tactic Mind - Mind Control
  9. Interactive - Electro Times
  10. Project FM - Kickwave
  11. Save The Robot - Battle of the Mind
  12. Astrix - Poison
  13. E.V.P. - Tollfree
  14. Bullet Proof - Blue Monday
  15. Eskimo - Balloonatic (Part 2)
  16. Lamat - Master Control
  17. Liquid Soul - I Get A Rush
  18. I Don't Know - I Don't Know (Not actually the title)