Yippedy Dippely Eeeuuooo
Published Sunday March 2nd, 2003

Oh... we all love news postings with absolutely random sounds for a subject/topic, no? I sure do. It's true! I kid you not! Not at all! Hrm, so... well then.... Not-a-whole-a-lot-a new... Heh. Friday... friday... err.. we did stuff... /me tries to remember what. ..oh! oh !yes! i do remember now!
Friday, in the evening we met at star bucks (i think..) and from there... i think we went to best buy in thousand oaks... where we walked around... goofed off... even played tag.. lol... then we left.. oh!! and went to Kates house where we.. sat around and watched comedy central... and then.... we went home. that was friday.. heh.. lol,
Saturday we had another entropy design meeting at Chris's house... it went pretty well, accomplished quite a bit... compiled this really cool looking story board... heh.. ... yep.. then when we finished i had brought with me 2 walkie talkies, i gave one to Mike and Adam, tyson went to his house and picked up his own set.. and we drove around talking to each other with the walkie talkies.. lol, was funny.. Not to mention.. mike and i were along side at a traffic light that was red... and when it turned green, mike tried to take me on while accelerating.. but i was in my Dads toyota tundra truck, and mike was ina civic.. so, it was kinda funny to watch.. lol.... heh.. yes... right... exactly... we went to star bucks... talked... and then.. many hours past and at 23:20 i went home... heh... then i watched a James Bond movie, since SNL was a rerun.. i got tired, paused the movie and went to sleep.... just to wake up at 13:00 with a throbbing headache... heh.. oh that was a blast... took 2 advils to get rid of it.. lol, but then all was well.... i then finished watching the james bond movie... and.. some how a lot of time passed by and i ate dinner, and.. well.. here i am.. and and and and and and and and and...... yep.... heh.... not a particularly exciting weekend... heh. who knows what homework i should be doing.. i sure dont.. heh.. lets see..... math.. oh.. oh yes.. i do have math.. .. art app... study guide.. i did that in class instead of listenig to lecture... okay.. thats done... hrm.. german.. i dont think there was any of that.... uhm.. US history.. no, there wasnt any hw.. and i finished the assignment in class... okay, excellent.. moving on... Chem... hrm.. oh.. some lab.. yes.. lab.. well... i finished that when we DID the lab.. so.. im done with that... moving right along... English.. hrm... was there english.. i believe there was... hrm.. oh! right, i did that in class, and the part i didnt finish.. ill do in Math tomorrow! ALRIGTHY THEN! im set. woot!... heh.. how shall i end off the rest of my evening before i must return to a 5 day week of.. SCHOOL! argh... heh.. at 21:00 i'll watch Alias.. then... at 22:00 ill be on the computer, doing who knows what.. (i have a huge todo list......
[ ] Epiar.net TODO list.
[ ] Epiar TODO list
[=] Piano!!
[ ] Read mitnick book pg. 42
[ ] Do some security testing on epiar.net
php:gd is screwed up on luethy.net, fix!!
% change graph for livestats
** exclude outliers in averages
** organize gallery community
** forum type thing on bugs.epiar.net
** slide thingo entropy
bugs.epiar.net's epiar.net button above download doesnt go to epiar.net
** livestats severely screwed up
/media/mp3/incoming12/sinereth.net/Paul Oakenfold - Full Album - Two Years of Oakenfold at Crea.mp3

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.. heh.)
... then at ... uhm... 23:00 ill watch Xfile rerun on Fox.. and.. midnight.. off to bed with me... just to wake up 7 hours later and .. go.. to... oh.. whooohooo... school. ARGH. but.. oh well, oh well.... what else ya guna do..... heh... I want to read more in my new book, Cryptonnomicon... heh.. i think that's all ill do tomorrow after school. heh.. that and maybe workon a web page design for a friend of mine.. heh, that is .. if he comes through for me on some artwork i'll need.. heh.. yep. isnt that just amazing? i knew you'd care to know this... lol, then again... why the hell are you reading this post? lalalalalaalalala
/me listens to DJ Tatana - Words (Jaro's Club Mix).. wheee!! fun fun fun.. oh indeed quite fun... at this point in the posting... im just babling off and not really saying much of important value, that is.. assuming that any part of the first part.. of.... ... this news posting was valueable... wow, thats many parts... that im parting.. into different parts.. oh... wow... I do hope people dont think that the extent of these news postings are my abilities in english.... that didnt make sence.. leme try again... i do hope that people dont think i cant really speak english well or.. write well because they see these ill crafted news postings.. lol.. heh... right.. thats right... .. uhm... right. ... of course.....
i like periods.... have you noticed? ... lots... and.. lots.... of... periods? .... yes, indeed... indeed its true, its so very very very very true.. heh.... .... wow... lots of energy in me tonight! quite freaky... /me stares at glass of milk
..Uhm... you talk?
What? havent you ever seen a glass of milk talk?
Oh? well... now you have!
I guess so...
What? you got a problem with talking glasses of milk?
... not in particular..
Okay, then.. whats the matter?
..Nothing, im just not used to a glass talking to me..
Hey! hey! not just ANY glass... a glass of milk!
oh, right.
Right, indeed!
Why do you 'heh' me!?
Why should i not 'heh' a talking glass of milk?
Come on! have some respect for me, a glass of talking milk!
Uhm, okay... i suppose i could..
Then, respect me, will ya!?
Uhm... fine.
Thank you!
.. Hey, i dont know how to ask this.. but.. uhm.. im sorta thirsy... can-
Can you drink some of me!?- Why yes! yes you can!
okay.. could... could you shutup for a moment while i drink?
...Excuse me?
Shutup while i drink you..
.. And if i dont?
I wont drink you.
Oh.. why do you think i want you to drink me?
I dont think that. Im just thirsty, and i want to drink some milk.
So, could you shutup while i dreank some of you?
thank you.
Hey! shutup, i said! im tring to drink here...

No, no i dont do drugs. Who told you that? Thats a lie! ...shh, okay?