Day 1 of Hell, er.. school
Published Wednesday September 3rd, 2003

Yes, a garrotte. If you dont know what this is, let me explain. Its basically used to kill you by having an iron rod penetrate the cervical vertebrae causing asphyxiation and a crushed spinal cord. Now, lets clarify... Why would i share this with you? Well, school just started again. I hope everything is clear now. For the Ignoramuses out there: i'd rather kill myself with a garrotte then go to school.

Heh, yea... So first day of school... Lets see... Pro's: uhm... i get out 5th period. Con's: Everything else. They put me into American Government 12 class... In other words a standard class. The class was basically just filled with males, about. 35 or something students, of which maybe 5 where female. Colectively if you weighed the mass of the brains in the class it would come out to between 500g to 1kg. They made jokes during most of the class time, none of which were funny in the least bit even if you tried to engage your more perverted humour. Yeh, so lunch-time i got a accademic class change form.. hopefully i'll get out of there quickly. Beyond this, 1st period pre-calc, 2nd period english, 3rd period german, 4th i just talked about, 5th Physics, and 6th i go home. Speaking of 6th... as soon as the bell rang to conclude 5th, i nearly sprinted to my car and left, and im proud to say i was the first off campus who had 5th period dismisal. Heh, so i get home about 75 minutes earlier then last year, so i get a nice nap extension and then i have more time to do something because my nap has already been taken care off. Speaking of nap, i took one for around 4 hours today. Then, i woke up with a headache which 1 advil did not get rid of, so i took another because i didnt really feel like putting up with it. Im in a shitty mood, can ya tell? Good. Have i mentioned the fact that i hate school? It was funny, at dinner tonight.. my parents recalled how i've hated school since they can remember. They even joked how i hated pre school. So, my hatred for school streatches across the years. Deep hatred of school. Damnit, i hate that place!

The campus is even lovlier now. They have fences and gates everywhere as the campus is apparently under construction.. and, there seem to be more students on campus... Come time to go to your class... You are, or feel as though you're cattle being herded through a series of pasturs to your final grasing field. Lunchtime is noisy as hell, the noise in the Bern train station in switzerland with all the squealing of trains and breaks, and the comotion of people moving about their business seems like ambient, soothing background noise compared to the chaotic sounds i heard today at lunch. It completely threw me off and disoriented me so much that my recollection of the 40 minues or so of lunch is all just a blurr. Have i mentioned that i loath school?

Mmmm, so... What will tomorrow hold in store.. oooh i just cant wait to find out. Math hw, no doubt.. probably some stupid english assignment.. Argh. It's the same every year. I tell myself.. okay, you're going to do your work, and you're going to do it well. Mkay, maybe i do this for the first few days and.. then.. it just deteriorates... And, i turn to bullshitting, loose my momentum in class, fall behind, get confused and barely pass with a C. Fantastic. The biggest blow comes when , for example i do an english assinment, maybe an essay, i actually more or less try on it, and i get it back wtih a D or C on it. Thats real encouraging. Mmm, foreseeing whats to come, the things which come every year. I want to get out of school. No more school, no more stupid little rules that the teachers hand out on their pathetic, nearly meaningless course descriptions, classroom expectations, yadaa yada... It's the same thing in every class, every year. Redundancy. I like redundancy on my UDP packets, not so much on those stupid classroom expectations... Which my parents have to sing, although they really, just like me, don't give a shit, and don't read.

I dislike when teachers grade on class participation. Talk in class, get points. Thats dandy and all but, what if you really aren't the kind who likes to talk in class? Okay, so because of my personality i am graded down unless i change myself to conform with the grading scale? Right. Thank you. I'll just go do that for ya now. English class today, teacher was picking random students to read the pointless class introduction paper. My strategy to not be called, while sitting there in complete and total fear of being called: Do not move at all, remainc ompletely still, keep eyes open and visible to the teacher that they are hope, however do not look up, keep eyes on desk or stupid class intro paper, cross or hold hands togheter infront of your face to hide facial gestures (which should be contained, anyways) and to hide your face from the teacher as to detract attention from yourself. The key is to not make any suden moves, instead put yourself into a little trance. And, there ya go, i've shared a little tactic with ya. It works... for me anyway. I've goten through many classes without being called on once in the entire year with this technique. However, if called on, short decisive to the point responces in a rather disgruntled, sarcastic or annoyed undertone can also discourage future callings. Most of the time anyway. Heh... Have i mentioned i really hate school?

I'd like to take this very special opertunity to say: I really hate school. Would you like a synonym of loath? I really loath school. Maybe, some more enthusiasm in my hatred will convince you: I really fucking hate school. (I'll get scolded by my mom for that one. *waves hello to mom* hi.)

Gah, it's already 21:45.. Where has the time gone? oh, thats right.. i spent 6 hours in hell, or.. maybe you know it as school. Either way.. Trying to think positively: At least its already wednesday evening and it's 2 more days untill i get a weekend... Thats more or less the only positive thing i can see at this point.

Behh... i have this random urge to clean and organize anything and everything.. My desk hasnt been this clean and organized since i first got it.. I have this desire to be productive. Probably because my entire day was so unproductive and wasteful. Have i possibly mentioned how i hate school? No? Oh, ... well, i suppose ill let you know cuz, i know you really care and want to know. I hate school.

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Now, aren't you just glad you did that? Oh, i bet you are. All 2 of you. Heh, btw, id like to note that i've been doing this blog thing for 3 years now. Years of 2001, 2002, and 2003.

And, further notes... I have my photos from summer up on my computer which is accessible over the internet. They include all of the Hawai'i photos i took (around 1500) and about half of the photos i took in Switzerland (in total there will be about 1000). Unfortunately i am unable to retrieve all of the Switzerland photos from my portable hard-disk because it's power supply decided to fry. The photos from Hawai'i can be found here, and what i have on disk from the Switzerland photos here. Additionally, photos from Linuxworld can be found here. The setup is more or less just a directory view of my Photo directories. It's not a photo album or anything of the sort. However, i do plan on creating a little virtual photo-album with specific photos from the trips. If you view the links i specified prior, it'll just show you EVERY photo i took, the good and the really crappy. Deal with it. And, for the more computer-knowledgable people, dont bother trying to escape the directory by adding ../../ or something to view my entire hard drive. I'm not a moron, thank you very much. (Hint: The entire thing is SQL driven, so don't bother.)

Hrm... to close off this posting, i'll paste in a little rant i went on while i was in switzerland in an IRC channel...

I'm <Luethy>, d'uh.

<Luethy> i love Lausanne
<topher> thanks, rub it in
<Luethy> its so fucking awsome in Lausanne
<VashTheGod> anyway
<VashTheGod> anyone?
<Luethy> VashTheGod, sure, ill be right there!
<Luethy> bwhahaha!
<Luethy> didnt predict that one, did ya?
* Luethy dances with body while sitting to music
<Luethy> weeeeeeeeeeee
<VashTheGod> dancing and sitting
<VashTheGod> you must look really fucking stupid
<Luethy> probably.
<Luethy> but, lallallalalaa
--> eclipse ( has joined #epiar
<iosif> i enjoy referencing the memory adress of a memory adress
<eclipse> stupid... adelphia
<Luethy> i love laudanne
<Luethy> lausanne*
<topher> iosif: ah, but can you printf memory addresses?
<Luethy> oh, if u buy evian water. i saw a dog piss in it.
<iosif> topher: why not?
<iosif> Luethy: ... loL
<topher> iosif: well, you can, but can YOU? lol
<topher> luethy: llol
<iosif> loL why couldnt i?
<Luethy> and, the fact that evian water doesnt actuall come from a lake, but a query source.. is irrelevant.
<topher> i dunno, maybe you dunno the % thingy
<topher> 'cause i cant remember it at all
<topher> lol
<iosif> i was saying ¤t when current is a pointer, loL
<Luethy> yes, i love lausanne... Lac Leman
<Luethy> Lake geneva
<iosif> topher: loL... hmm i cant remember that either
<iosif> loL
<Luethy> genfer see
<topher> iosif: i think it's more than saying %d, &of_an_int
<topher> lol
<Luethy> riding intercity train is awseom
<Luethy> its all high tech
<topher> luethy: but you ride it past ancient wooden barns, right? lol
<Luethy> yes
<Luethy> lol
<eclipse> ... wtf are you talking about Luethy
<Luethy> and alps
<topher> yea
<Luethy> eclipse, i love ch?
<Luethy> set you free i make it up!
<Luethy> just let it go because...
<eclipse> I am aware Luethy
<Luethy> we gotta share our liberty
<VashTheGod> so anyone
<topher> luethy: what's the cost of living there?
<VashTheGod> anyone at all
<Luethy> take me to this rise!
<VashTheGod> stfu marco
<topher> luethy: high? low?
<Luethy> set u free i make it up!
<iosif> what VashTheGod
<iosif> stupid
<Luethy> topher, both
<topher> hrm
<topher> i know where marco's gonna vote on having our first devel studio
<topher> lol
<Luethy> haha
* Luethy cant pry himself from music
<Luethy> i am obbsesed with this song
<Luethy> i love this song
<Luethy> i love europe
<Luethy> i love switzerland
<Luethy> i liebe die Schweiz
<topher> quick, now throw in a random girl's name to throw us all off
<topher> lol
<Luethy> lol
<Luethy> I love lausanne!
<Luethy> i hadnt been in lausanne since i lived there
<Luethy> i had forgoten how nice it is there
<Luethy> its fucking beautiful...
<Luethy> u got a lake..
<Luethy> then.. u got alps with snow caped mountains in the back..
<Luethy> and.. the city is located on a side of another mountain, so its all vertiacylla built upwards
<Luethy> this rather large city
<Luethy> and, the downtown part of the city is 2 stories
<Luethy> its so fucking cool
<topher> lol
<Luethy> like, there are roads on one level, then.. below, more roads
<Luethy> its insane
<topher> and then the backdrop on the sound stage falls back and ...
<Luethy> lol
<Luethy> its so fucking awsome
<Luethy> i love ch
<Luethy> lol
<Luethy> yes, i am rantinmg.
<topher> oh?
<Luethy> have i mentioned riding inter city trains rule?
<Luethy> lol
<topher> lol
<topher> at least mix it up
<topher> talk about the ppl now
<topher> or something
<topher> lol
<Luethy> riding train is fun too... u have to figure out the time table, figure out when ur connections are where, and where u get one and which sector of which track u want to be at
<Luethy> its fun!
<Luethy> and, all the meantime, shitloads of ppl are all running and hurring around behind u
<Luethy> tryzing to get to their own connections
<Luethy> and, all sorts of peoples...
<topher> lol
<Luethy> swiss, french, swiss french, german, italians, austrians, jewish, african swiss, african english, people from cezsh republic, ppl from india
<Luethy> its insane
<Luethy> its so awsome
<iosif> loL
<Luethy> and, being able to speak multiple languages is so cool here because, it lets u communicate with nearly anyone
<iosif> i love how youve got "german italian" then "people from ..." loL
<Luethy> lol
<Luethy> im ranting, there is no thought
<iosif> loL
<iosif> understood
<iosif> loL
<Luethy> lol
<VashTheGod> asefnaoeifaieoj f23r
<VashTheGod> are we doing anything today?
<VashTheGod> shut up Luethy
<iosif> 1600 right?
<iosif> loL
<VashTheGod> yeah
<iosif> k then
<topher> haha
<eclipse> what's at 1600
<topher> the eff opened a site to help ppl know if they're being tracked by the riaa
<VashTheGod> cool
<VashTheGod> eclipse- can you come over?
<VashTheGod> bring the gc
<topher> The recording industry continues its futile crusade to sue thousands of the over 60 mill--- ... very cool wording there
<topher> futile crusade
<topher> bwahaha
<eclipse> probably
<VashTheGod> lol, topher
<topher> heh
<topher> vashthegod: i can come over i have to shower though
<VashTheGod> eclipse- so yeah? cool
<VashTheGod> topher- i don't want you
<iosif> loL
<VashTheGod> topher- k, just make sure you get a ride
<eclipse> what are you doing at 1600?
<Luethy> yes, anyways.. then.. politics... its so simple, it seems... ppl know what they want, and they like what they get. social democracy is good. no worries about hospital bills, the school system doesn suck, and has money... speaking of money.. ppl seem to have too much of it here.. lol.. they're bilding fucking everywhere.. everything.. anything.. randomly... new rail ways.. new bridges..... they have all these sound barriers around the fre
<Luethy> eways.. weeeeeeee
<Luethy> topher, eff? who are they, whats the site?
<iosif> hmm linked lists are becoming more and more of a pain in the ass...
<topher> the electronic frontier foundation?
<topher> uhh

Heh, anyways... pretty long blog update this entry is.. how fun.

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