Back from Tessin! It was great
Published Friday August 3rd, 2001

woooh! that was fun!...hmm... wait.. let me go back to august first.... hmm.. yep... ok, august first was.... as ive stated.. switzerlands independance day... and.. so..i and my cousin naemi walked up while the rest of my cousins and other ppl drove up and went on a hill and let off crap and lit a big bon fire... when i get back... pictures of the bon fire will be available in the archive section... anyways... then we decided to go back down and watch a movie "Der Diomonde Copp" or.. The Diamond Cop... or something like that.... was funny... interesting... lol.. ehhr.. well.. anyways... when that was done.. i got a rideover to my other grandparents[dads] and then it was about 0200.... sooo.... i love my incomplete sentances... in these posts.. ohh! wait.. umm.. ok.. lol. my bad.. anyways... soo.. yea.. back to what i did.. ey? soo.. then.. i fell asleep.. then in the morning.. we got ready.. and.. then.. once ready.. i and my grandpa[dads] got on his bmw motorcylce or whatnot.. and then started out trip.... we drove trhough Berner Oberland, and at one point had to get on a car-trail thingy that caries cars through the mountain since there is no street over a pass or thorught the mountian besides the trail tunnel... and.. anyways.. then.. we were in Wallis... where we drove further slowly making our accent on another pass which were we nearby ate lunch.. i had a "Walliser Teller"... or a Walliser Plate.. all it was was a plate pilled with goood meats ... mmm! yum! then we continued our journey.. and we decended and crossed the border into italy furter on... by now.. it was rather hot..... and i dissliked it when we had to stop... cuz.. there was no "airconditioning" unless the motorcylce was driving... lol... duhh.. ey? well.. anyways.. hmm... then.. we continued driving.. making a stop in a small little town in italy were i had an ice cream and my grandpa a mineral water... it cost 10,000 leir.. or.. lier.. or whatever the italian currency is... which is about 8CHF, or 5USD... what fun what fun! umm.. ok.. soo... we continued driving and made our way to Losone (Near Locerno, if that tells u anything.. haha) we arived at our hotel, which was in Tessin.. and i was like. woah.. dude.. nice! but then i was like.. woah! dude.. hot!.. ahh! humid! crap! it was soo humid.. and hot.. and grose.. were it any humider i would have been walking around in water. Tessin, and southern Switzerland is about sea level and they had 12903812903 palm trees, and bannana trees just sitting around.. everywhere! and the hotel was like some fancy island resort without a beach... lol... we went wirpooling and once i had my hair wet... it didnt dry the whole time we were there... the whole time it was moist... sleeping was also hell.. it wasnt the heat.. bcuz.. it wasnt all that hot... but.. it was friggn humid.. and i live in california where its not that humid... and it was humid! lol.... i slept nude and still barely could keep cool.... in the morning.. my grandpa[dads] called me from his room to get up.. lol.. then we went and ate breakfast.. as soon as we finihsed this.. i bought 4 post cards 1 of which ill take home to scan... and then.. we backed our stuff, got "suited up" and got back on the road to drive home... over the night in Losone it had rained.... supposedly it had rained and thundered all over switzerland and the weather wasnt looking to good.... we drove.. and made our way up another pass, where it was cold.. we made a stop near the pass sumit and went to drink something and i put on some more layers of clothing... and we continued... once we reached the "bottom" we ate lunch...i had Rahmschnitzel... then when we continued.. we made our way up another pass called Grimsell Pass.. im not sure about the spelling there.. but.. umm. yea.. anyways.. up the pass was nice.. the other side... Conton Bern side. where im from.. was not so spiffy.. lol.. we decended into a sea of fog and clouds and whatnot else cold.. and we couldnt really see much.. then as we continued driving along Lake Thun it started raining... and.. driving motorcylcle when its raining isnt much fun.. lol.. but we pressed on and got home.. dry infact.. thanks to good ol anti rain clothing stuff... lol.. rainsuits or something.. yea.. ok.. umm.. yep... .... i must say.. motorcycling is the best way to drive around when ur looking at stuff.... I took about 80 pictures on the Tessin trip... Ohh! and i want to say thank you to my grandpa[dads] for taking me. Vielen Dank Grosvati! Ok, that does it, till next post!