The week and a half after returning
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

Almost two weeks or 11 days have passed since I returned from Greece. In that time I have not really been taking many notes on what I've been doing, or on observations. In fact, I have altogether not written an entry since my last entry on the aeroplane.

When I flew over into Switzerland, it was interesting to see what a difference it was to see the landscape from above at this time of year compared to summer. Even 20 days had changed the appearance, the colours of the landscape dramatically. When I had left Switzerland on October 16th, the trees were still a dark green and still held their leaves. When I stared out the window on my return flight the landscape seemed much more purple/blue opposed to the summer-like green. The patches of forests were a completely different colour than they were 20 days before. Browns, reds, oranges, and yellows sparkled in the trees. This among the purple-shaded grass made the landscape seem very different in terms of colour. It was a beautiful, different sight I have seen much less.

By 15.48 my flight had landed and by 16.10 I was out of the terminal with my backpack on my back. My grandpa (L
Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 11:28, November 19, 2004
Marco, I think it's really cool you're back and I would love to do some more stuff... We'll have to arrange another meeting soon, before you're gone again! My brother has a lot of cool drinks we could go try out... maybe he has some time for us once? What do you think? ;) I'll enjoy reading your stuff (when I find some time! ;)) Have a great time anna

Posted by marco @ 14:40, November 19, 2004
I would too! I have barely seen christian the entire time i've been here.. i think, perhaphs.. maybe.. once... for a few minutes.. That's about it.. sad, no?