moves to ServerBeach
Published Sunday April 23rd, 2006

My dad and I have moved to ServerBeach as we move away from our current ISP (Nextweb; which we've been having problems with) to Hughes Net. Since is no longer hosted here at my residence, it's reliability, response time, and uptime will likely greatly improve.

During the move, I upgraded MySQL from v4.x to v5.x and apparently the PASSWORD function works differently. Because of this, all the accounts to access the restricted parts of this weblog have been deleted. Those of you who had accounts will need to create new accounts (and wait for me to assign you correct privileges). You can create an account here. I've applied a patch to my user-login system that should prevent this from happening in any future upgrades. Or so one would hope.
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Hopefully this move turns out to be a very good thing for More later..