Social Metamorphosis
Published Sunday May 16th, 2004

This'll be another doozie, so.. here it goes.

Thursday, after i made the last blog entry, i went to Matt's house again at around 2030. We played Battlefield 1942 untill 0030 at which time i went home to bed.

Last Friday, which now seems like ages ago started out with school.. Typical. I was attacked with Laura's lotion by Wes during 1st period. We also had an econ test that period. Woot. What a joke. During 2nd period english, we got into a little group and "did" a group assignment. Or, rather, we sat around outside our classroom and socialized. Gem tried to lay on my lap, but seemed to fail over and over doing so. I think im not padded enough. Hrm.. Anyway, was fun. During nutrition i spotted Jessica and we had a little quick chat. Enjoyable, indeed. During third period german, Laura played with my hair for most of the period.. She had too much fun. lol. Was an interesting, though good day at school.

I left after 3rd period. There was a rally 4th period, ha! What a joke. I walked to lower with Danielle, who left to go get her car back from repairs. When i got to my car in lower, Adam was already there sittng in the bed of my truck. Matt soon came down to my car, as well. We drove around the parking lot, messing around with Wes who had also made it down to lower. We finally let him into the car, and we drove around a bit with no plan in hand. We eventually drove to Little Ceasers over by the post office and shared a large pizza.

After eating lunch in the bed of my truck, i got some gas for the truck, as my sister, Daniela, requested that i do, and dropped of Wes at his house. Adam, Matt and myself returned to my house where i took a nap. They played on my N64, then later Mike's Gamecube when he showed up. They also went down into the canyon. When i woke up, i could still smell Laura's lotion on me from when Wes attacked me with it. I attempted to was it off. Whenever i smelt it i though, "Blek! i hate lotion!" And this lotion had the scent which i associate with Laura, so whenever i smelt it i though, "Laura." Thats a neutral statement.

We left my house, and Mike drove the manual Civic to practice his stick driving. Adam, Matt, Mike and myself drove down to Matt's house where we picked up Matt's step brother and drove him to Starbucks for some reason, at 1500. After we dropped him off, we returned to Matt's house. We hung around a bit, and then i left. I went to Edwards to see Troy where i met up with.. Jessica, Andy, Chris, Tyson, Danielle, Jesse, Kristen, Chelsea, and Dianne. I think i got everyone. As i mentioned, we saw Troy. It was good. Not super, not cruddy, just middle-grownd good. Heh. I liked the over-view shots of the boats and the cities. Heh, i love scenery.

2 hours and 50 something minutes later, the movie was over. I drove to Jessica's house with Chris, dropped off my car, and we then went in Jessica's car with Andy and, Jessica of course, to Jack in the Box where we got some food. We picked up Marwin and then drove to some park on Las Posas, where the road makes a 90 degree turn towards the highway. We "pickniced" there with everyone else who went to see Troy (minus Tyson, who went to Olas with Mike, Matt and Adam). Later, more people showed up to the park. So, soon the list of people who were at this park included.. *takes a deep breath* Marwin, Chris, Tyson, Dianne, Jessica, Andy, Wes, Jesse, Matt, Mike, Chelsea, Kristen, Danielle, Adam and myself. Woo! I think i got everyone. Did i? Heh.. So many people.

We left said park and drove over to another, supposedly better park off of Cerro Vista (or something along this line.) We hung out at the 2nd park untill around 2330. Adam, Matt, and myself sort of meandered off and hid out in bushes and various other places for a good 90 minutes, just watching everyone and playing a form of "spies" or..-who knows what the hell we were doing. Dianne, Chelsea, Chris, Marwin and Danielle left. Those who remained went to rolling pin donuts on Las Posas. Wes and Tyson enjoyed themselves some donuts, and the rest of us hung about. Kate showed up, and Jessica plus Andy left. We left the donut place, Wes and Tyson went to their respective homes. Mike, Adam and i drove to Jessica's house where my car still was. I drove it over to Matt's house. Meanwhile Mike dropped Adam off at his house, then also came over to Matt's house.

Mike, Kate, Matt and myself hung around untill Kate left at 0045. We watched some Conan O'Brien, and then Mike left at around 0130. Matt and I stayed around at his house a bit longer, untill around 0200, and then we both drove to my house. Matt spent the night on my couch. Matt went to bed at around 0215, and i went to bed 30 minutes later.

This was certainly one hell of a day. By the end, going to Lunch with Adam, Matt and Wes seemed like such a very long time ago. It's going to be a shock when i am in Europe. Going from all this hanging out with a bunch of various friends all day to a lot of being off by myself when i am in Europe. Not that this will be a problem for me, it'll just be quite a difference. In ways i think i will miss all this social interaction, in other ways, it'll be a nice relaxation from all the people. I dunno.

The pace continued on Saturday. It was to be yet another very eventful and very fun day!

Matt woke me up at noon. He'd been around since he woke up at around 0800. We ate lunch, and then shortly thereafter left my house to pick up Wes and Jesse. We all drove down to Ventura State Beach where we met up with Dianne, Danielle, Kristen and Simon. We picked a spot on the beach and hung around partaking in our various beach activities. Danielle and I played card games. We moved from the location we were at, and headed southward along the coast a bit so that those who went into the water would have to deal less with the rocky (or, rather, pebbly) shore. Soon Mike, Kate, Tyson, Chris and Chelsea showed up. They had gone out for lunch a bit north on the pier or something. When they showed up, everyone who was to be there, had arrived. Lets reitterate the list, because i think its amusing: Mike, Kate, Tyson, Chris, Chelsea, Dianne, Danielle, Kristen, Simon, Wes, Jesse, Matt and myself.

We played cards, and did numerous things. I walked off at one point and took a little stroll. I sat on a sand dune and stared off at my surroundings. I wondered what the beach would look like if not one person had walked on the sand for some time. I couldn't imagine the beach without all the various little feet-indentations. I watched a couple run around the beach, hug and play. I wondered how long their teenage romance would last. I saw a young little girl lay sheltered behing a dune, and an unbrella taking a nap, waking up every so often and moving around. I watched a dog which belonged to her family void excrement on the sand. I then though, "mm, wonder where else on this here sand that has happened?" I looked at the horizon from edge to edge. Stared out into the ocean. It was peaceful.

I returned to the group and watched Jesse try to build Dracula's castle, or something of the sort. At around 1640, or something vaguely around then, Tyson, Chris, Chelsea, Danielle, Simon, Jesse and myself left. The rest also left. Dianne and Kristen went to run errands and to go some birthday party, and Mike, Kate, Wes, and Matt went to go see Troy. Anyway, we drove back to Camarillo and went to Bandits, next to Trader Joes, on a recommendation from Matt. We played game of foosball there, and then left because people were staring at us wondering what the heck we were doing in the bar. Tyson, Chelsea, Danielle, Jesse, Simon, Chris and myself had dinner at Toppers. Chris, Chelsea, Simon and I shared a large pizza.

As we left, we saw Jessica getting gas, so i pulled up behind her and waited untill she noticed us. Haha. Heh.. We then drove to my house. Chris, Tyson and Chelsea showed up a bit after us with a lot of candy which we all consumed. Thank you for the candy, Chris and Chelsea. There now sits a grocery bag lightly filled completely with wrappers. Yummy. We watched The Thing, then an episode of Kid's in the Hall, followed by Freddy vs. Jason. We more or less just made a lot of fun of the movies. This is always fun. Pick reaally crappy movies and watch them while making fun of them in a group. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. After the movies we watched random GI Joe clips, and other random videos and flash animations. I played some video titled annoying asians from over the banana phone flash animation by accident, and the dancing in the first clip matched up to the banana phone song and it was rather hilarious. It synced up really well. Mike and Matt showed up at some point and picked up Matt's car. They both left again.

I love my laptop, and i love the graphics card that it has. The s-video TV out stuff is awesome. Its so easy to just play a video and have it show up in full screen on my tv, but not in full screen on my laptop LCD so that i can still do things like download other video clips. Haha. Technology is awesome. Heh.

We all left my house at around 2340 I gave Jesse, Simon and Danielle a ride home, then returned home. I sat around on my computer naked for a bit. Took a shower. Sat around naked some more. Put on pj's. Sat around on my computer some more. Typed this long thing up. Soon, once this entry is completely, i shall go to bed.

These entries are somewhat questionable at this point, because most of the things i do involve more or less everyone else who reads this blog, with the exception of a few. Heh. I should find some other things to say rather than just recounting all the things i did. While i think recounting what is going on in my life is a valid part of my blog, just puting that in entries is somewhat bleak. Heh.

Anyway, hrm.. It's kind of amusing how the 2 groups i hung out with seem to be fusing toghether. The most unlikely turn of events, as far as friends go. I'm amazed that we all get along. Perhaps its advantageous that recently the two groups have done things togheter because prom is just around the corner, and we're too hang out there and after more or less toghether, so it'll be something of the norm. Heh. The plan seems to be to spend time after prom in my guest house.

The splitting, reforming, twisting, skewing, and shapping of all these people in the behemoth group is very interesting to observe. It's interesting to watch who people are around more or less, over repeated observations. From my perspective I get a sense of the assimilation of two into one, to be followed by, in a manner of metamorphosis, two changed end results. Heh..

Heh, what does Sunday hold in store.. Good question. I suppose i shall find out. Heh. Prom is this Friday. I'm really not looking forward to it. However, the time with everyone after prom i'll enjoy. Heh.

Tyson showed me this really good site with some awesome photographer's work. Its really worth some time to check out.

I think this shall do it. I'm off to bed. It's 0350.
Posted by Me @ 11:49, May 16, 2004
lightly filled bag of candy? um that was quite disgusting, we ate way too much candy. wow... and yes, the fusing together of the groups... quite interesting, but it makes everything more interesting. what to do today??

Posted by DI @ 12:43, May 16, 2004
It's fun to read stuff that I did from another's point of view. And yeah, it was an extremely busy weekend. I sure had a blast. I think the group is better now that it has the two little groups are one big HUGE ONE. Marco, you may have a better time at prom than you're expecting. Just keep an open mind, know what I mean?

Posted by Laura @ 12:54, May 17, 2004
Hey there, you smelled like me? I find that completely ironic because I don't even know what I smell like. And I personally am offended that you disslike my lotion so much. haha. I clicked on my name thing and was dissapointed that you didnt have any information about me on there. Get to that soon. And yes, by the way, I did have a good tiem palying with your hair.