Fun with CHF 18.50.
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

In the Luzern train station, down below ground there was a shop which sold nothing but various types of liquor and alcohols. Adam, Wes and I went in there while everyone else was.. elsewhere. Adam and Wes thought that it would be funny if they just pulled out some hard liquor while on the train, so they bought 70 cl of some really cheap brandy for CHF 18.50. Ha ha ha. I bought a Cardinal Light beer with lemon flavouring. We semi-rushed to our train where we found the rest already seated. With our liquors hidden we rode in the train for a while. I then took our my beer and started drinking from it. Mike kind of looked at me, but no one really said anything. At this point, Wes called me a wuss and pulled out this rather large glass-bottle of brandy, gave it to Adam who took a sip, and then Wes took a sip. Tyson, Mike, Raymond and Kate all started laughing as Wes and Adam made horrified and twisted faces at the taste of what they had just drunk. It was extremely hilarious to watch them drink this disgusting, cheap brandy. We eventually all took a sip of it at one point or another, and it was truly disgusting, yet hilarious. I finished off my beer which had a pleasant lemon flavour to it on our way back to our apartment. It wasn't terribly good.

Waiting for our connection in a village named Ramsei, Wes and Adam continued drinking from the disgusting brandy just for shit's and giggles. It was hilarious. Mike and Kate drank some from it as well and were both equally horrified. Later in the night, back at our apartment Wes and Adam each took our two glasses and filled one with a sweet drink, and then another with 2 shots of brandy. Then they quickly downed the brandy and then drank their sweet drinks. It was absolutely hilarious to watch. Photo time:

Brandy in and around trains.

This is the bottle of cheap brandy on a table in a train.

Raymond and Mike and the cheap brandy in Langnau at the train station.

Adam is about to take a sip of the cheap brandy.

The disgusting taste of cheapness and brandy is near..

The taste fills Adam's mouth. Mmmm delicious.

Eww! The cheapness and the smell of the brandy fills the air with its potent smell.. Oh, and by the way.. These are the world's most attractive people. *cough*

He he! Cheap, shitty, and disgusting brandy is fun!

Adam: Cheap, shitty brandy! Yeah!

The cheap, 37% alcohol brandy has turned Adam into a drunken, wasted, burned out ..drunkard.

Mike want's in on the disgusting, cheap, and shitty brandy. Have i mentioned how disgusting this brandy was? Why are people still drinking it!?

Brandy shots for shits and giggles..

Wes is ready! Arr!

Adam gets to it without hesitation..

Wes prepares for the cheap liquid while Adam makes contact with the delicious taste of the cheap CHF 18.50 warm brandy.

Wes tastes the extraordinary brandy and Adam wishes he hadn't..

The disgusting, shitty, cheap brandy burns as it runs down Wes's throat. Adam is in pain.

Let's get a second, closer look at Wes's face.. beautiful!

Mm! Delicious!

Wes covers up the deliciously disgusting and cheap brandy with some syrup-flavoured water. Adam is lovin' it.

It burn's so good.


Mmh Mmh Mmh..

Ah.. Feel that cheap brandy burn!


Game Over.

Adam finishes of his syrup-flavoured water..

..and then brushes his teeth immediately afterwards to get rid of the delicious taste of disgusting, cheap brandy.

I love that/how Wes and Adam are morons. Neither of them puked or felt sick afterwards. Fun within moderation.

* Photos have not been altered and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments.