It's Summer!!!!!
Published Saturday June 15th, 2002

Wow, what a day i had today.. or.. yesterday...
I got up in the morning for my last day of school for a long time as its now summer vacation for me... Anyways.. i went to take my last final.. Bio... gaaah.. what a horrid test... no clue how i did on that one.. failed, most likely... Hrm.. then.. i sorta hung around in my last class because we didnt have anything really to do... Hrm... then once school was out.. everyone went insane.. whoooo!! and.. then i hoped in the cor with Mike and GRant who were waiting for me.... we then took off to Olive Garden... were we ate.. d'uh... lol.. Anyways.. then, we had fun going around and we ended up back at mikes house where we hung out a bit... then.. we went to best buy in Thousand Oaks.. and.. off to bring me home... i then.. asked mike if he could give me a lift to the movie theater where i was going to meet up with Chris and adam... lol, quite a day... chris adam and i then saw The Bourne Identity and then right after Undercover Brother... Both movies were good... Bournce identity was cool and undercover brother was funny as hell... Hrm.. so well then.. now its summer... my morale is super high.. and im veryv ery happy... I think that tomorrow.. or.. this morning.. im going to hybernate and just sleep all day till the sun sets again.. that sounds good to me, i think... yes... indeed... anyways.. thats it for todays post.