Westerland, Sylt-Cuxhaven
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

Friday started at 09.45. After eating breakfast we drove to the furthest south town on Sylt and walked about a bit. After some time we continued driving back north of the island. We stopped somewhere on the way where my grandma and I walked out to the ocean over cool sand dunes.. Within 15 minutes i had shot off a gigabyte in RAW photos. I kept having to wait for the cameras buffer to write to my CF card so that I could take more photographs. The dunes with the ocean and the green grasses on the dunes, plus the clouds in the sky were overwhelming. I could have spent all day there and still not been able to capture the scene the way I would have liked.. *cry*

Walking on the sand was odd, It felt like I was walking on snow, which it might as well have been because the weather was so cold and very window. 12 degrees Celsius. But the wind chill factor was way up there. It definitely did not feel like 13 degrees Celsius.. or 10.

A view of the coastline on Sylt.
We left the dunes, drove around the island some more, and then had lunch somewhere. The weather on Sylt was interesting. Ive never seen so many rainbows in such a short time. Always little bursts of rain fell for a few moments until they (clouds) moves on and you'd see rainbows in the distance. *sigh* Sylt was absolutely beautiful.. From the landscape to the local architecture, the ocean scape, the clouds in the sky, the weather itself except for the fact that its constantly windy. I hate wind. It was absolutely beautiful!

After lunch we drove to the northern most village on Sylt, nearby we stopped briefly and looked over down at the ocean and the dunes.. Beautiful!

My grandpa dropped my grandmother and myself off in downtown Westerland. My grandmother went shopping and I walked down the coast a few kilometres and then back taking around 500+ photos. Wee!

My grandma and I met back up while watching the sunset, we returned to out hotel with a taxi and then drove back into Westerland with my grandpa and went to go eat Chinese at a restaurant called "Chenqtu auf Sylt." It was very good.

We walked around a bit after dinner and then returned to our hotel. Woke up at 08.15 Saturday (today) morning, now on our way for about a week in Germany.

We left Sylt via railway from Westerland where one drove ones car onto waggons which are made to haul cars and other such vehicles. The railway leads over a sort of Dyke back to the mainland.
Some photos of the public transportation we used. First, the train from Sylt back to mainland Germany, and then a ferry boat across the Elbe river.

The view from my hotel room in Cuxhaven. The mouth of the Elbe river in the background.

Back on mainland Germany we drove south until we reached the Elbe river where we drove our car onto a ferry boat which took us across the wide, wide river. We had lunch nearby the ferry landing/port and then continued driving until we reached Cuxhaven where we checked into out hotel. Now it is 20.12 and we await our reservation to go eat dinner.

Various examples of land reclaimation during low tide around the island of Sylt.

Photographs from early in the day during the full day we spent on the island of Sylt. Arranged in order of creation.

Two photos showing more of the local architecture and roofs.

Many more photos from around Sylt. I personaly think these are some beautiful shots.

Some photographs I took while we crossed the Elbe river via ferry.

Note that photos in this entry have not been altered and could possibly use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments among other touch-ups.
Posted by Margret @ 10:01, November 20, 2004
Just Beautiful, I want to go there.