My parents arrive.
Published Saturday July 10th, 2004

Ah, what do you know! A day without rain.. Nope! No rain today, instead, it was 11 Celsius this morning. By noon it was 15 Celsius. 11 Celsius is 51.8 Fahrenheit. It's that cold in southern California in the winter. Ha ha. Yea, i was kind of freezing. My feet got really cold, and now, as i write this a few minutes past midnight early Saturday morning my left leg and foot hurt because they were really cold .. Lots of fun.

Anyway, my parents arrived today, so in preparation we (Andrea, Martin, Grandma, and Rita) started moving things into a vacant apartment in an apartment building perpendicular to the one my grandparents are in. They own both buildings. Some background on that.. My grandpa ran a business (which now my uncle, my grandpa's son, runs and owns.) There was no work for his business, so my grandpa created some by building 4 apartment buildings. Two here, in this town called Wasen, and two more a town away, in a town named Sumiswald, which is where my grandpa's business was located. This is why they own apartment buildings.

Anyways, what was i saying.. Oh yes, there is a vacant flat in this building, and my grandparents are letting us stay here, as well as all my friends who are coming later on, not so long in the future (6 days.) Anyways, so my cousin Martin came to help. (Martin, sibling of Anna.) His mother, Rita, my aunt also brought some mattresses. We moved things into the then vacant flat for around 2 hours, and then all was set.

Martin, Andrea, and I joked and fooled around a bit in my grandparents living room after we finished moving everything which needed moving into the the no longer vacant flat. Then, the three of us joined my grandma to go run some errands and mainly buy food items. I drove. Was much more pleasant to drive with my grandma then with my grandpa. Yeh. Anyways, we stopped at a bakery for some bread, and then went to Coop. We then drove back to my grandparents apartment and as soon as we got back, Martin, my grandpa and i went to take Martin back home. I drove again. After we dropped off Martin at his house, my grandpa and i drove a bit further seeking some strawberries for sale at two different farms, but all was sold out. Thusly, we drove back to the apartment where i played some Vice City and then some Call of Duty until my parents arrived.

They had come from a flight from London which was 30 minutes delayed. They then rented their own car and drove out there. At around 1930 they arrived and we ate a yummy dinner which my grandpa prepared. Goulash (spelling?) is what it was called. Yum. I believe i've spoken about Goulash here before.. (Yes, indeed. It was mentioned and described in the entry from July 1st titled "Lucerne and Pit Pat." I don't have a direct link because i'm not online and don't know the entry's id value because i don't have access to the weblog database without an Internet connection. That was way too complicated of an answer, oh well.)

My parents brought their things into the apartment which we had moved things into earlier in the day, and then my mom went to see her mother and father, Sommer Grandparents down in town. The rest of us, Roli, Andrea and myself, joined my grandma to watch some TV in their apartment. Later, i went on the Internet, chatted a bit with Jessica, Tyson, Raymond, Matt, Jesse, and Eric who joined me in my confusion of google's Italian to English translation of some driver site for a Siemens Santi USB ADSL modem.. Fun stuff. around 2350 i signed off and headed over to, i guess, our apartment.

Thus, here i am now typing this. I forgot my toothbrush in my grandparents flat. D'oh. I guess my teeth will go unbrushed today. Icky. Hrm, so yea.. In 6 days Tyson, Raymond, Wes and Adam are coming. I'm excited to see them, and have them come here. I get to play tour guide. Awesome. Ha ha.

Hrm, well then, allow me to ramble some, if i may.

Oh! Before i forget.. Today, in the newspaper, there was an article, or, there was in the news, in recent happenings, in current events, an incident where a lady rode her bike onto a light-weight plane runway even though there was a barrier down signalling that the runway was closed because a plane was about to land. Yea, so uhm.. She was chopped up into pieced by the landing aircrafts propeller. Now, this is sad, of course.. But i just can't help but laugh, because.. Uhm, its hilarious. That's how i want to die. When i turn 70, a bloody mess, chopped into pieces. Ha ha ha.. *ahem*

Today was my grandparents (Lüthy) 49th wedding anniversary. Wow. I can't imagine being married for 49 year. Erm, i can't imagine being alive that long, either. Wow. Yeah, i got nothing. Happy anniversary to them, i say.

Indeed, indeed.

Since i don't believe i've mentioned it thus far, and because i do believe i will commit these past 4 entries to my blog before Monday, i will now inform the general populace (upon this entries committal) that from Monday until Thursday i'm going with my family to Zermat. Zermat is a little village at the foothill of the Matterhorn. Matterhorn, you know? That mountain at Disneyland with a semi-boring roller coaster going through it with a snow monster, or the abominable snow man inside? Yes, that one, only, the actual one. Hooray. It's very pretty there, i've been there before, can't wait to go back. Heh. Photo-rifico.

Anyway, i think i've typed enough to make this valid to be its own entry, and seeing as how it is time to sleep, i believe i shall do just such that.
Posted by daniela @ 18:19, July 11, 2004
MARCO!!! HI MARCO!!!! You never email me anymore. :(((. Hows life going?

Posted by Matt @ 11:58, July 15, 2004
WEEE.. im bored... just randomly googling for stuff is... well.. not fun.. i guess that is boring too... but.. woo! .. hope ur having fun in ch.. same too all else who are there right now

Posted by DI @ 17:21, July 19, 2004
I finally caught up with all of your posts! I'm so glad you're having such a great time- I'm so jealous!!! The pictures are lovely.