A Mid-week Entry
Published Wednesday May 5th, 2004

Hasn't been too long ago since i last wrote and entry, but, i feel like doing another one. Plenty of photos throughout this one. Photos i took Saturday and Sunday outside around my house. They're not exactly the best that they could be. Some of them could use a tripod, but, alas.. Yeh. I like them anyway, heh.

The past few days have not been terribly excellent, and for no reason at all. I've had a headache on and off Monday, Tuesday and today.. Lovely. I've been trying to get up earlier, or rather, wake up earlier from my naps rather than sleeping from 1230 untill 1600.. On Monday, i set my alarm clock for 1430.. I woke up to it, and shut it off, and imediately fell back asleep. On Tuesday, i did the same.. I don't even remember waking up to it that time.. And today, i set the alarm again, and put the alarm clock on my desk, far enough away so that i couldnt simple turn it off and continue sleeping, but not too far that i couldnt suficiently hear it, or so i thought... I remember waking up to an irritating beep-beep-beep.. But, that was it. I probably just fell right back asleep. Blaah. Heh.

I've had enough of school. I thought the so called "senioritis" had hit its maximum capacity, but i think i was wrong. I'm tired of doing the same, boring, redundant crap pday in and day out at school. We don't even really do anything anymore. I took about a total of 5 lines of notes today in Econ... The rest of the period is sitting there listening to idiots open their mouths and spew out words which when they enter my ear, kill off a good amount of my brain cells. Here's a hint to those people: Shut up! No one wants to hear what you have to say, except for your equally idiotic friends who, in comparison, make you look like an Einstein.

Meh.. Anyway Monday evening and Tuesday evening i watched Band of Brother's part's 4-8 into the night, and went to bed after watching 2 parts each day. Right before bed, i'd play a game of Battlefield 1942, and then roll over and sleep, already being in bed.

Heh, im sitting out in my living room, on the couch watching Star Trek Enterprise right now.. Woo.. Heh, hooray for commercials... I lie. I hate commercials. However, ha! I'm not watching them right now for i have a laptop to do things on, take that all you stupid and boring advertisers!

*puts laptop aside to watch Enterprise*

Meh, my headache has returned.. I hope to go to bed early this evening so that i wont go insane tomorrow when i have to stay at school longer than usual to take a fantastic German AP test.. from 1230ish untill 1500 or something painfuly late. Bwah. Not looking forward to it, simply because i'll be at school untill 1500, and.. i really don't like school, so i dont want to stay any longer. Heh.

Heh, i can't wait untill the weekend comes. That'll be nice. Only 2 more days. heh. This friday im going to go see Footloose, mainly to see and support Di, Gem, and Chelsea.. heh.

Anyway, i've lost my motivation to type things here, so, this shall do it.

Posted by DI @ 20:50, May 05, 2004
nice pics. and footloose will knock your socks off!

Posted by eric @ 10:52, May 07, 2004
Nice pics Marco!

Posted by Marco @ 11:58, May 07, 2004
Thank you guys!

Posted by Margret @ 19:48, May 07, 2004
I like your pictures too! Just keep going,your almost finished with School!