Yackedy Shmack!
Published Sunday July 15th, 2001

Bla bla bla.... yackedy shmack! i need to make a big long post! lalalalala, yackedy shmack! big.. long.. post! dooo deee daaah! doooo doo dey dee daaaah! yackedy dooo! yackedy dey! yackedy shmak ama shmak! is this 512 bytes yet?! yackedy shmackedy backedy mackedy.. lalala.. i want to go zoom zooom.. 768kbspis 13x faster than 56k... 56k sucks.. 768k is nice.. i want 768 k.. i want to zoom zoom.... zooom zooom! go fast! lalalala,. is this long enought? i wonder if this is 512 bytes yet.... hmm... well.. this thing is like 50 cols... and.. what.. uhh.. 15 rows... and i have like 4 more to go.. and um... ok.. so.... like.. 50 times 15 is.. uhh.. some number divisable by 15 or 50.. o.0... *hits calculator button* 750.. ok.. i think this is enought.. what about you? lets see!