Memgem's and other random crap
Published Friday March 4th, 2005

The coolest gif graphic I have encountered to date.

Random Memegens because I got bored.

Who will give you an orgasm? by leslie13
So, who will make you moan?John Kerry
How?Magic! Kaboom!
Will it be good?It'll be fucking amazing!
Percentage of people who smiled when they saw this: 42%
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Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
Your name is
Your sex is
Your favorite color is
You are stuck there becauseyou murdered everyone else
For _____ years91
With Jackie Chan. Click for pic.
He/She will think you arehorny
You willrun far, far away
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Are you hott? by evildj23
First Name
Guy or Gal
Your hottness is1...ew!
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More random crap I found somewhere on the internet and want in my blog for some reason which is unclear to me.

That will do it for this entry of random crap.
Posted by Chelsea @ 08:31, March 04, 2005
hahahaha, I like the "Word"

Posted by Simon @ 00:21, March 06, 2005

Posted by marwin+ @ 10:18, March 06, 2005
hihihi funny