Published Wednesday February 20th, 2008 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to blood rushing past my ear drums, feeling tortured.

Sometimes I think about running away. Not because school or work are difficult, but because neither make me truly happy.

i have all these thoughts
all on which i never act
in fact, i let them pass
they slip by and the equilibrium of my being
continues to unbalance
continues to unhinge

i have left the country
don't know where i'll be
don't know when i'll return
don't fret, though
for i'll be that
which i seek
i'll see
i ran away.
chicken, chicken
you'll never do it.
too responsible.
too generous.
not nearly bold enough.
barely spontaneous.
hah! useless.

I once wrote of a door through which I would step, but first I needed a key to unlock the entry way to the next chapter in my life. Since then I've long gone through that door of which I then spoke, but unfortunately the room to which the door lead was much smaller than I had hoped for.

The room is so small I am stuck.
I am stuck.
I am stuck and cannot leave.
I need to get out.

Posted by No Name @ 10:06, March 05, 2008
too generous?