mondays: so far from fridays.
Published Monday February 3rd, 2003

Hrm. well.. this is a random news posting just to procrastinate from going to bed while i listen to music... im obbsesed with music. withing this week 5 cd's will arrive from 4 of which are european imports.. lol.. bwahaha. /me ahem. anyways... yea... i've grown quite obbsesed with this taty, or apparently also tatu group.. heh.. came accross english versions of the songs.... heh.. ill stick with the russian vocals.. way cooler.. lol. but thats just me. heh... so.. this morning i completely ran out of disk space accross my system.. bwah! sucks. im waiting for the prices of the new 250gb drives to go down ... dunno how long i can hold it off... today after school i deleted a lot of files from my friends' and i's little ftp setup we have where we give each other stuff, and post Epiar development material and such likes... that game me back some space.. also, ill remove my ogg cd ripps i put up for my friends.. that should give me 8gb */me cough* lol, but still.. that wont last exceptionaly long.. bwah. oh well.
hrm.. yep.. well... ahead lies yet another day of school.. a tuesday. oh dont we just love tuesdays.. well, this is partly true.. as.. i like tuesdays better then mondays but less then wednesdays... so, mondays oh! .. this wednesday im taking, for the fucking 3rd time, my liscence test at 10:00... fun.. i bet ill FAIL yet again... its a conspiracy! olol, but at this point i dont really care what happens... so.. whatever.. lol.. i do hope i get it.. it would be a convenience... heh... well then.. i do need to sleep now, so thats what ill go and do.. ta-ta!
Posted by rachel @ 01:50, February 04, 2003
i'm taking the test in 19 days. i hope to pass this way i can go where i please

Posted by Marco @ 22:33, February 04, 2003
good luck! i hope you pass too.. as well as me.. it'll be nice to just go anywhere wherever, whenever i feel like it.. lol, but i doubt ill ever go anywhere.