I spun around in a twirl
Published Tuesday September 18th, 2007 from the under-utilized mind which is Marco. Listening to Shpongle, feeling meh and gloriously indifferent.

I spun around in a twirl and

There I was, standing on the edge of a boundary looking of into the distance, the odd tingling of energy crawling up and down my skin. Perched on a rock to peer beyond, I saw between great sheets of white plastic a giant elephant. It swam in a sea between two islands made of trees. A train made its way from one islet to another, through the white plastic sea. I used my thumb and pointer finger to pinch at the distance and succeeded in creating an undulating disturbance not much unlike the ripples of a rock plunging through calm water.

I spun around in a twirl and

Our hands easily made their way over the black keys of a grand piano. Each harmonized pitch flawlessly orchestrated as we sought out an ember red dragon in the forest hidden away deep in the lower octaves. Dreary it became when we first found the beast, but we made it rain and our fears increasingly washed away. However, we were curious. After having paused for an interlude, we decided to return, to visit the forest dragon again. It took a while as we danced around the pitches. Di Ri Fi Ri Di Ri Si Li Fi Li Di Fi Li, the piano sang as we traversed the canopy of sounds, each note's aura vibrant, glimmering as it vibrated through the space around us like an abutting, quelled display of the Northern Lights.

After a lengthy journey we found ourselves face to face with the dragon beast. Again, we brought the rain and the rain helped singe the dragons fire breath. Our fingers ran up the keys, ever slowly transposing ourselves up through the octaves, further away from our steaming adversary, his ember red scales now turned a dark green almost indifferent from the forest canopy surrounding us. Slowing our pace, we realized we had escaped once more. The dragons roar reverberated, barely audible in the far distance.

I spun around in a twirl and

My eyes traced the arches framing a long hallway at the end of which I stood. The walls bulged outwards and by the whip of some wound elastic band imploded inward. As the hallway compressed and expanded it twisted, rotating in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions like a clock counting both time into the future and into the past. Towards the culmination of infinity I could make out the distant other end. It glared at me with great vehemence, and I was resolute on reaching it. But, it later seemed, infinity was more obstinate than I for as I began my walk into infinity I was suddenly struck by an oddity which baffled me. Like a train thundering down an underground tube towards a platform, it appeared that infinity was approaching me, not I who was approaching it.

I spun around in a twirl and fell over, dizzy.


Posted by me @ 20:31, August 28, 2008
did you write this? Marco your incredibly talented...