concerning cows
Published Saturday July 15th, 2006 via a mobile phone.

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Cow. Stupid cow. They go moo. This one is pregnant. It still moos. Its still stupid. Cows are stupid. They taste good though. I also like their milk. It tastes good as well.. Cows...
Posted by The fatty @ 14:42, July 15, 2006
one day the cows will use their hidden technology and their ultra evolved brains to take over. then they will be putting us in cages when we're pregnant and drinking our milk and eating us because we taste so goooood. yeah right. cows are pretty stupid, lol.

Posted by Marco @ 01:30, July 18, 2006
sure thing, fatty.

Posted by daniela @ 17:33, July 15, 2006
cows aren't stupid!!! They're cute and very very intelligent. And very cute.

Posted by Marco @ 01:29, July 18, 2006
And very stupid.