Mod and Fraud
Published Sunday May 7th, 2006

Hey look! It’s Sunday again. I guess it’s time for another entry or something. 497th entry.. Almost at 500! Damon made the 700th comment on May 3rd! OoOOOoOoooOoOoooo! .. So yea..

Not a whole lot to write about… work.. school… That’s what I did the past week.. One more week and the semester is over! After my last final this coming Thursday, I’m heading down to San Diego to visit Mike and such. Yey! Leaving Camarillo is always good. Heh..

Yesterday I got a new phone, one of those Razor V3’s.. I hate all the branding the stupid service providers add to the phone.. So I set out to remove all the crap on my phone. My quest led me to a particularly helpful site, This site basically had everything I needed. and where also useful resources. So I started modding my phone. I flashed it with a generic Motorola branded monster-pack, and then reflashed it with a T-Mobile flex to get all the MMS and GPRS settings on my phone. I then proceeded to strip all the stupid T-Mobile branding from the phone, customized the DRM graphics and used a hex editor to change bits in “seem” data on the phone itself to enable various disabled features and options that T-Mobile doesn’t want you to have access too (A list of known hacks). I also modified my menu and then added some other skins because I couldn’t stand the generic one that looks too much like the ugly default Windows XP theme. Finally I deleted all sorts of files that were just taking up space.. And now my phone is much cooler than it was before, and it’s Marco branded! Woo hoo!

Tonight I got a call from the Citi Fraud Protection people.. I bought gas last Thursday in Camarillo, and then apparently I bought gas again in Brooklyn, New York.. Well that’s a problem.. So my card was disabled and now I’ll get a new one plus I got to destroy the now disabled one. I’m really not sure how someone got the card number since I never use that card-number online. They also only made one single purchase at a gas station, at least as far as the Fraud Protection people seemed to know. They must have made a physical version of my card using a card-writer, but if they did that.. why only use it once? I’d use it as many times as I could if I was going to fraudulently use someone’s credit card number. Oh well, kind of funny… I guess..

Hm.. One more week.. and then the semester is over and I don’t have school until the fall semester begins. Woot. Instead I’ll be working 5 days a week. But that’s mostly fun, so that’s okay.. and I get paid.

Yep.. I really don’t have much more to say, so I’ll just stop rambling here.
Posted by anti-marco @ 09:30, May 08, 2006
ok, ok, sorry. i really needed gas to reach the statue of liberty so i could better understand myself as an american. is that so wrong?

Posted by Marco @ 10:04, May 08, 2006
Yes. Very, very wrong. How dare you.

Posted by The fatty @ 18:40, May 10, 2006
haha, that's entertaining. well, not that your card was used but the phone thingo.

Posted by Brian @ 01:27, May 15, 2006
I've got the v330, which T-Mobile uses instead of the v551 because they're virtually identical. The only feature I noticed that T-Mo was nice enough to turn off for me was the POP3 client, which even if I enabled, wouldn't work because I don't pay for a data plan. Everything else (Bluetooth OBEX included) seems to be working as Motorola advertises. So, I glanced at the file you linked to... anything good in there I should start toying with? (Any feature in there to get better reception? Because mine SUCKS! ;) )

Posted by Marco @ 12:21, May 15, 2006
I can't say I've looked at everything in that giant list of hacks.. Though I did see something about improving battery efficiency, or rather, a hack to make battery usage more efficient. Don't know if it actually works, I didn't apply the change to my phone. There are also various other kind-of-neat changes.. Like unlimited video/voice recording (until you run out of memory.) Although, if you record until your memory runs out (I recorded about 7mb or so) the Razor crashes. I guess that's a neat feature. The reception sucking is probably more just a T-Mobile thing. But hey, at least you'd have awesome reception in Germany.