Published Sunday March 16th, 2003

Woot! Anoter Sci Fi Channel Dune mini series: Children of Dune... woot! woot! woot! I LOVE DUNE!! Its just as great as lord of the rings! Wheee! just as epic, if not more!!! /me spazzes...
heh.. yea... Today was part 1 of the 3 part mini series event thingo whatever sci fi channel is calling it... It basically covered the 2nd book in the Dune Chronicles, Dune Messiah... so, i guess the other 2 parts will be from the Children of Dune book... lol...heh.... Wheee! its fun. i like. a lot. more more more more!.. I wonder how many mini series the sci fi channel plans to make on the books... cuz... theres at least 6 books not including the books writen by Frank Herberts son, Brian herbert (none of which ive read, no particular reason)... heh!

Hrm, well then.. enought ranting about DUne.. heh, lol.. this weekend was pretty normal.. Friday evening.. i went to mike and met up with the rest of my clique... and.. hrm.. we just hung out, im not sure what we did.. lol... i did, while i was bored, discover that Dj Tatana has a new Signle called Moments.. and a new cd coming out soon.. woot!!!!! ill have to be sure to have my mom buy it while shes over in Switzerland (she is leaving this Thursday, 20th or something and coming back on april 1st, which i might add.. nice and in time for a nice little war to break out... excellent planning.)... heh... anyways.... then we went back to Kates house, did stuff... for the record, i think ill just ommit what.
hrm.. saturday and .. wel.. today i didnt do much of anything.. it was great. lol just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed my weekend, with no school... heh.. unfortunately i have to go to school again tomorrow.. what shit that is... grrr.. heh. at least i have a 3 day weekend coming up, im stoked. hrm.... yep.. so.. rest of my evening.. ill watch xfiles, and then go to bed at around midnight... get up in the morning.. go to school.. wish i wasnt there... slowly make my way through the painful school day, come home... maybe take a nap, and then... WATCH PART 2 OF CHILDREN OF DUNE! WOOT!!!!!.... /me ahem..
heh... on another note.. this might turn out to be an interesting week as junior Bushie makes his move on his pal, Husseinie... Wonder how that'll turn out...
Posted by No Name @ 13:44, March 17, 2003
Rah! Children of Dune! Screw school. -xip