Hum de dum
Published Saturday January 25th, 2003

Hum de dum....
well then.... i've been doing a lot lately.. exciting... yesterday early morning i output some hit statistics from in comma seperated text files.. and.. i played around with it in gnumeric and made graphs... then.. i decided.. hey.. i could do this in real time, dynamicly with php and gd library... so.. i set off to do just that. I thought it would be a nice little challenge.... however, to my disapointment... it was nothing of the sort.. lol, it was just way to easy.. lol, and.. there ya go */me points to image at top of news posting* dynamicaly generated image displaying site usage's... heh... lol, magical, i know.. heh... I've done a lot of work on Livestats and sites lately.. yey, getting something done.. lol I've programmed a lot this week.. i think thats why my morale is so high! wheeeee!!
today, i woke up at around 9 in the morning to chaotic noise and people walking around.. apparently we were having new sliding doors installed.. and.. so, i got up.. walked over into the guest house, and continued sleeping there in the beds that are in there.. lol.. i slept till around.. noon or so... but, i slept rather badly.. so, i drank some milk and then went back to bed in MY bed in the main house.. where i slept for about another 2 hours... lol, then i felt much better.. about that time , or a bit after.. mike came over... and we then left and drove around randomly.. we didnt really have any sort of agenda.. so, we drove around.. somis... 118... saticoy... then, followed some road called foothill and took a dead end street called weeler canyon rd.. it was very cool back there.. really green.. and.. random cows just grazing.. it was cool... we then turned around and headed towards ventura where we drove through downtown ventura then headed onto the 33 headed towards ojai.. just outside ojai we took a left towards lake casitas... made a loop and headed back towards ventura on the 33.. lol, we then drove to hidden valley and to westlake, made a look, ended up near jans mall and ate at el toritos or some mexican resturant named like that.. lol.. we ate dinner there... was good.... then.. we went back to camarillo, and picked up adam and then matt, drove around some more being random, went to Borders in thousand oaks... when we finished with that, we headed back towards camarillo and ended up in starbucks meeting up with kate, chris, raymond and tyson... chatted a bit, they left and then so did we, to go to the top of worth way to just look down over ventura county and we chatted for about an hour or so... was fun, lol... then.. we all went home... and... i watched Conan o brien.. and.. well.. here i am!...
quite exciting and fun day it was. =)
heh.. monday i start a new semester at school.. my schedule goes like so:

1 Pinuelas, Sam - Algebra 2
2 Arena, Terry - Art Appreciation
3 Engh, Marni - German 3
4 Dowden, William - US History
5 Wright, Carl - Chem Study
6 Schmidt, David - English 3

heh.. how exciting.. oh yes. .. bweh.
yep..... hrm...... well, im quite tired.. i think ill go to bed now..