Guest Editorial: Chris
Published Monday June 20th, 2005

As the first and only guest editor on the high traffic blog,, I'd like to say that I am, thankful, but second, that I have nothing important to say. So I suppose I will do what Marco would do, and let you know what he's been up to, and what he is going to do.
Marco recently took his photo final, and will soon be done for the current session. What this means, I don't know, but I suppose it means that Marco is one step closer to becoming the genius, wealthy photographer that we all know he has inside him. I don't know about you but I'd start kissing up now.
He will be seeing the mixedly-rated Batman Begins tonight with a group of his friends. Will the movie be good? Perhaps he will forget entirely to write about that next time, but we won't know.
It seems as though our dear Marco, yes, our Marco, has a job. Wait, I kid you not, the long-haired, photo-taking, semi-whatever Marco now is employed and making money to help substitute his income. His job consists of cashiering and stocking at the local Kragen Auto, where, though he makes an impressive income, has no future plans. To quote Marco himself on this statement, "Damn straight."
Besides that the mundane drugery of the regular world has taken a foot, and Marco finds himself in a room that is too hot, playing a game in which he logs too many hours, wishing perhaps that the world was, as they say, nevermind. I'm sure he's plenty happy.
Life is perhaps more interesting for our dear Marco than it has been in months previous. As the college semesters fold to a close, his friends have been arriving back home in Camarillo, and he has been having a blast, sitting in large groups, being bored generally. You might think this is roughly the same as life is normally, but oh no, there's a large difference in being bored in a group of N people and being bored alone, namely a difference of N-1. Ho ho ho.
Actually, if you're still reading at this point, there's some interesting news in store for you. Our dear Marco, who's been putting away 7.5% of his allowance ever since he was but a wee child, is now in the spending range, for his own Bell UH-1H helicopter. It may sound like a joke, but if you look on eBay, as our dear Marco always has, you will see that the fuselage costs a mere $69,000, while the engine and propeller assembly are another $32,000. Minor parts aside, our dear Marco is prepared to drop $265,000 on his very own, Bell UH-1H. Below is my artistic rendering of this:

Marco in his helicopter

Yes yes, the image itself is a little funny looking, but the intention to buy an aircraft is real. When I asked Marco about the aircraft, he gave me some pretty interesting information:

Chris: When do you intend to buy this helicopter?
Marco: End of the year.
Chris: Have you always been a fan of flying?
Marco: Yes, always.
Chris: Did you know it was dangerous to photograph while flying?
Marco: No, I had no idea.
Chris: Thank you for your time.

Hopefully are dear Marco will not crash, and we wish him the best of luck, but just in case, funeral arrangements are being made for the day after his maiden voyage.
Marco's helicopter plans and savings are, of course, a joke.

Chris: Hey, laugh.
Marco: Hahahaha.

Thank you to those who kept reading this far, as I was merely bored, but I hope you gain something deep from this: a rare look at Marco through the eyes of another, with his permission, his interview responses, and perahsp his very soul itself. Thank you, and goodnight.
Posted by Laura @ 08:21, June 21, 2005
wow.... thats all i can say is.... wow

Posted by not_chris @ 17:19, June 21, 2005
im impressed

Posted by Marco @ 01:19, June 22, 2005
uh huh.

Posted by The+fatty @ 17:33, June 23, 2005
hahaha, i love the picture. i'd ask to go with you in your aricraft, but we all know that my mass alone would prevent the craft from achieving flight. oh well, i'll give you a boost up, how's that?

Posted by Chris+Walton @ 17:50, July 05, 2005
MS Paint for life! :)

Posted by Marco @ 18:45, July 05, 2005
actually.. that was the gimp.