Foga v1.0
Published Saturday October 1st, 2005

After spending over but around 50 hours here and there in the past two weeks programming I have completed Foga v1.0, the new photo gallery for this site. I'm calling it v1.0 because it has all the planned features and functionality of the original concept and then some. As of this writing there are some 294 directories with 11849 images in the Foga database. Foga will allow me to simply put my photographs into designated directories (where I already keep all my images) and have the photos show up on the web automatically without me having to do anything. This will make including images in my weblog entries extremely easy and convenient. As long as I've got images, expect them to show up in my weblog entries.

Some pages of interest include:
Foga Index
All images from trip out to New Mexico and back
Images from the Chatsworth fire at night featured in the previous entry
Every image I took while in Germany last year
Every image I took while in Greece last year

Here's a completely random image from the Foga database:

It's kind of fun to just reload that link over and over and over.

Heh, yep. Hopefully Foga will be a useful addition to this site. Enjoy?
Let me know about any bugs or problems you might run into.
Posted by The+fatty @ 13:38, October 01, 2005
it's great. i never thought, just wow. people pictures are funny.

Posted by Damon @ 17:45, October 04, 2005
you're right random image!

Posted by marwin @ 11:44, October 18, 2005
that's really great Marco! Good job!