Melding Monotony
Published Wednesday April 27th, 2005

Here we are once again. Ready and prepared to write yet another weblog entry. What to say.. What to write.. Hrm.. I suppose I'll do the usual recounting of recent events, but all things I've done recently seem so repetitive and unchanging, they seem to blur into nothingness in my mind. I'm in one of those moods.. One of those moods where I feel like having the capacity for great things, for more, for something marvellous, yet at the same time somehow saddened and full of clashing thoughts. Facilitated by music, this mood grows and grows, and encompasses my being leaving me in the mood I am now in.. Or something.


Saturday and Sunday have melted into meaningless oblivion in my mind. Monday as far as I can remember all I did was sleep, drink milk, and watch every episode of Samurai Champloo. Tuesday early morning I hung out with Matt and Brian.. After sleeping until 13.30, I hung about a bit and soon Cory came over and we worked on the garden I was making. Exciting stuff. Later in the evening, at 22.35, Matt and I went to go see Kung Fu Hustle... Absolutely hilarious. It's one of those movies that's worth having on DVD. After the movie, and a quick snack at In-n-Out, Matt and I drove around a bit and ended up in Thousand Oaks. I was driving and dazed off thinking about something and I hear Matt say something along the lines of "Marco!" I realise that I'm staring at a red light, see a cop waiting to my left, speed through the intersection going 5 mph over the limit, and I then make a right into the Jans mall parking lot, drive past the crappy T.G.I.F restaurant, over to Sears where there are a bunch of cars parked. I park my car, and we waited a bit. After a few moments, I drove back to Moorpark road or blvd or whatever, and as I plan on making a right turn.. another Cop! I get my ass to the 101 and peacefully drove back to Camarillo. I can now say that I have sped through a red light with a cop sitting there.. and not getting a ticket for it. How many can say that!? Not many, I'd assume. Ha! It's not like the light had just turned red, either.. It had been red. Ha ha. Damn my zoning out. Dangerous stuff.. I'm a lucky bastard. I want to relearn French. I bet that random comment caught you off guard!

Anyway.. I got home.. and took a really, really hot shower.. One of the hottest I've taken in a long time. So hot that I had to get out and lay on the cold floor to cool down. It was quite excellent and enjoyable.

I'm happy. I'm unhappy. Why?

Posted by marwin @ 09:32, April 27, 2005
you know, here they get the number on the car licence and then send you the ticket....

Posted by Marco @ 13:14, April 27, 2005
I drove by too fast for him to get the number.

Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 07:26, April 29, 2005
Hey Marco Just wanted to write a few words to tell you I'm still here, reading your blogs and thinking about you... ;) If you're bored, write me an email! ;) Or write poems, songs, paint a painting, do some gardening or anything else than sitting in your room and drinking milk! Die Schweiz ist so sch

Posted by xiphias @ 19:14, April 29, 2005
hrm, everyone would be happier if I could afford my pirate ship. arr! I guess I let you down :/ .. :)

Posted by Chelsea @ 17:10, May 02, 2005
I saw a cop get honked at for not going when the light was green. Why? She was talkign on her cell phone! About 30 minutes later, I saw a cop run a stop sign. This was all last Thursday. Cops, I don't know about them...