Moo? No? Oh... ok
Published Sunday February 3rd, 2002

Hrm... 2 postings in a day, wow i am amazed. Hrm. Nothing much to write about today...*blinks* ok,wait.. someone just IM'd me online and now i have a topic... "Did you watch the superbowl today?" heck i did... why would i want to waste my entire day watching some stupid sport on tv filled with commercials, chitt-chatter, and who knows what other kind of nonsence... I'm sorry but i dont really care about this supposedly super bowl... Why's it called super bowl anyways? How is a bowl in volved in all this? And, then.. not only is it a bowl.. but, its a Super bowl.. I don't get it... I know absolutely nothing about the super bowl and what it actually is except of what i've heard from watching these rediculous, repetative commercials on tv... Aparently NBC didnt think they could get enought viewers during the "half-time show" or something of the likes and so they needed Jades to dance around and do stupid things... how sad... really, it is... which leads me to conclude that, this super bowl, is really not so super. Perhaps its more of a Stupid Plate, rather then a bowl.. i have no clue why its called a bowl.. i assume that.. maybe the trophy has a shap of a bowl.. but.. uhm.. ok.... hrm.. anyways.. simply put.. i dont care about the super bowl, so please dont talk to me about it. lol.. hrm.. what else could i talk about.. oh! i know... Hrm, i got these xmms extras which let me get stats from xmms... so, i made a little python program which ran these commands every second (which doesnt seem to take any cpu at all) and, then.. i have a little php prog open the files up, parse them and then print em out to my homepage.. yey! lol... hrm.. i found a few xmms extras in this tar gzip file from, here's the link and then i edited some of the source to remove some annoying messages in there saying "by XMMS" and such stuff which i didnt want, compiled and, whala! Then i made a little python script which runs on boot as my default user.. heres the code:

# check current xmms stats
import os
import sys
import time
import string

def getxmmsstats(command):
p = os.popen(command)
comm = p.readlines()
return comm

while (1):




and.. yep.. hrm. you'll probably want to change the path where ths script writes the output of the comands too.... hrm.. yep.. that would be it.. oh.. by the way.. for all this to work.. it requires u to have linux, with xmms installed and those xmms-extras which i mentioned up there.. hrm.. yep. check out my current playlist! yep! cool... lol, when i get bored.. things like this happen.. lol, fun stuff.. hrm.. well then.. off i go to bed..