Another week in February
Published Monday February 9th, 2004

Ah, yes.. So.. Another week passes, time for another blog posting. Heh, i should have made this posting yesterday evening, because i had a whole lot more to say then i do this evening. My mind was racing, and i was contemplating many things, thinking about many topics... But tonight, my brain is quiet, my mind holds no conversations, and things are calm.

So, last monday i started 2nd semester in my final year of highschool. I mention school only because i want to express how awesome it is to get off at lunch or earlier every single day i go to school. How each one of my classes are complete jokes, and couldnt possible be any easier. It is quite excellent, and i enjoy it so many ways, its not describable. I drive home in simling joyous states, laughing to myself because im over-whellmed with joy and the pleasure of going home early, and not having to stick around for more school, and extensively wasteful lunchtime on campus. Ahh, it is quite lovely.

Well then, Monday after school Wes and i headed up to Mikes, and we then went to Baja Fresh nearby target in newbury park... Oodles of joy. Tuesday, Wes, Adam and i went to The Habbit for lunch.. was goood. After, Wes and I went to staples or something to get some things we needed for our economics class.. woot de do.

Hrm... dont recall much from wednesday, or thursday.. Friday afternoon i took a nap, and then Mike came down. We went driving in the manual civic to practice out 1337 skills at stick and.. uhm... yea, fun. After that we all met at Quizznos and had dinner, following an evening at Matts house, which was fun. A different then usual, nice, relaxing house. Was fun.

Anyways, saturday Mike, Grant and i went to see The Perfect Score... which absolutely sucked and was painful to watch. At least Scarllet Johansson is
attractive. After we had dinner and went up to Mike's house where we watched UHF, which was funny. After that.... we brought Grant home, and.. then.. myself... and.. la de do.. Saturday was over.

Sunday, i got up.. took a shower and ran some errands. Id describe them in more detail but .. i really dont feel like it at the moment. Monday, i sat around all day. Was good, i like sitting around in my room all day long.

There really is more to say, and i could ramble on more about things, but ive lost most of my motivation to type this posting, so i think ill just end it with a few photos i found on my hard disk of me when i was young...
Ah yes, lookie there. Its me with my dad, on the computer, and out in the city. Browsing through long forgoten directories, seeking things to delete to make more hard disk space is good fun, and results in finding old photos! woo.. lol, anyways... I think that'll do for now. I was going to ramble about the following in more detail, but im not motiveated to do so at this time, so ill just state my opinion: I support Gay marriges as any straight person would marry.
Posted by DiClare @ 19:53, February 11, 2004
Even as a baby, you're at the computer. lol. I should have expected it though. And I'm in full agreement on the equal rights for same-sex marriages.