Another weekend rolled by.
Published Wednesday November 1st, 2006

Clips from Monster Massive 2006 while Markus Schultz was mixing. They're all mostly the same. Sound and video quality are superb. So is my sarcasm. Taken via phone. Isaac, Mallory, her boyfriend Brian, and myself in clip #6.
It’s become difficult to figure out what to write about; what to blog on. I’ve mentioned in past entries that I’ve become bored of my chronological format. I much more prefer and am much more satisfied with entries that contain more than just a timeline of what I’ve been up to. As Brian mentioned in a comment to the previous entry, chronological entries recounting events are, “Fun to read, and easy to write,” but more, “satisfaction comes from what you are able to get out onto the (virtual) paper.” I want to take this blog of mine in a direction where I write about things, “more insightful than a chronological timeline of events.” Unfortunately this is not so easy…

I’ve always thought of my weblog as a sort of autobiography of my life. One day I’ll be able to look back on entries I wrote and figure out who I was and who I’ve become. At the same time, I think there really is a lack of insight into whom I really am in many of my past entries. It will be really easy to learn what it was that I did, but not so much what I might have thought about the things I did. As I’ve mentioned, I want to change this. I’m going to try to start using a new format. A format that perhaps chops away some of the details and the mundane of some of the things that happen in my life, and instead may be more analytical. But this takes a lot of writing time, more thought and requires that I have something to write about. I’m hoping that this new format may also increase my writing skills in general.

Main dance floor at Monster Massive '06
Well, with that preamble out of the way, I’ll (ironically enough) jump right into recounting what I did this weekend—Monster Massive 2006. Saturday evening Isaac, Mallory, her boyfriend Brian, Abby, Cory, Matt, Chelsea, Gem, and myself headed to the Los Angeles Sports Arena in two cars navigated by Matt and Isaac. There were incredible amounts of people present. Massive it was, indeed! It felt very similar to the time I had at Energy 2004 in Zurich, Switzerland. However, this weekend everyone was dressed up in some sort of Halloween costume. The arena was also impressively decorated and the party overall felt very well organized. Big name DJ’s like Markus Schultz, Judge Jules, Paul van Dyk, and Armin van Buuren DJ’d throughout the night as we rolled time by dancing on the dance floor.

Me at Monster Massive '06!
Towards the end of the night (4 in the morning) as Paul van Dyk came to the conclusion of his set, there must have been anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 people on the dance floor and up in the bleachers. It was absolutely insane. The night was so much incredible fun I really don’t know how to describe it to anyone who was not there. Loud music, lots of people, lots of dancing, an atmosphere filled with so many people, smoke, music, and lights it’s intoxicating and keeps you pumped all night long. I can’t wait for Together As One on New Years Eve. Monster Massive was more fun than Nocturnal Wonderland, in my opinion.

Main dance floor at Monster Massive '06
What’s next? October has come and gone, and the things I’ve had to look forward to have passed. Now comes the month of November. I can’t believe it’s already November. 2006 has been one of the greatest years for me that I can recall. 2006 also seems to be a year that has passed very quickly, more quickly than most years I can recall in the past.

What's next? I do not know.. More work and more school, no doubt..

My Masculine Gaze
From Chris’ blog:
”Some scholars in women's studies define the concept of the ‘feminine gaze’ as an unfortunate by-product of a male-dominated society: the woman is not the norm, and in her unusualness, is fascinating, and becomes the object of ‘the gaze’…”

“…Native Americans had their berdache, we have an emerging public acceptance of homosexuality: I propose an attempt at the masculine gaze, or maybe I'm just making fun of teenage girls.” Read more…

Well.. out of sheer boredom and lack of content for this entry, I have also taken a quick and somewhat half-assed stab at the masculine gaze. Eh? Eh? Beautiful, no? Yea.. not really.

I've run dry on things to say.. I guess I'll just conclude this entry in a half completed state..

More mobile-phone pictures from Week 43, and some pictures taken with my digital camera.
Posted by No Name @ 17:43, November 02, 2006
hahaha! It took me a while to figure out that was you in your masculine gaze picture. This weekend was indescribably wonderful. I tried ot explain it to Ashlee in brief and brief it was as in it was pretty wordless. But then again, trying to describe the fun of that to a person who hates Trance and electronic music in general is somewhat futile anyway. Can't wait to see what comes of your new format, it's always fun to see what's new from Marco Luthy. (please pretend the umlat is over your u)

Posted by No Name @ 19:53, November 02, 2006
marco your masculine gaze is stunning.. now i have to go read chris' blog to figure out what your talking about. Luckily I'm bored out of my mind and on a computer in the computer lab (poor poor laptop..)

Posted by No Name @ 19:54, November 02, 2006
oh no name was me daniela