11 Days Untill Switzerland
Published Monday July 1st, 2002

Wooot!!! Well then.. wow... So much has come to pass... hrm.. i must comment that at this point in time when i'm writing this post i feel randomly alive, energetic and happy... like i want to do something... lol, must be the music.. anyways..
Hrm.. about those pictures up there.. heh... yes, well i toook a picture i found of Chris and was bored so i messed it up and made a more acurate depiction of what chris really looks like... But... then he did the same to me.. haha, i look evil and satanic.. hahaha... He also added a nice little string at the top... lol...
Hrm.. well... since the last time i posted, i can say a lot has happened with my time.. I think it was last week, saturday-sunday-monday when Chris and adm stayed over at my house... we all hung out in my house's guesthouse... and.. played Unreal Tournament over the lan most of the time... haha, we also played some Maelstrom.. and, then Chris did some hacking of the source an then we played that (we decided we wanted to be invincible, haha)
Hrm, yea that was fun.. then.. monday morning.. Chris had to leave early and that threw adam and i's sleeping pattern completely off and i kinda slept for the rest of the day.. haha.. Yea, well then.. hrm...

Wednesday, i drove my family to some random resturan on a little hill next to the free way in simi valley... and.. that was prety much the last time i got out of the house, except for the random drives around in car for driving hours... which i did in my PJ's for the most part... haha... whcih.......... brings me to Drivers Liscence.... i take my liscence test later today (15:20).. i shall probably fail misserably and horridly.... i'll be so nervous.. i already am.. haha, anyways.. i know i can drive.. but, i'll probably jack up somewhere....

Hrm.. So, then.. all this leads to the subject line of this post.. yes, in less then 2 weeks... 11 days, in fact... i shall be departing for Switzerland... on my anual Switzerland vacation to the rest of my family (cousins, grandparents, so forth) Yep... .. i am quite looking forward to that, i must say...

Hrm.. and thus i leave you with a nice typical image of Summer!.. wheeeeee! i love summer.... well then.. everyone enjoy and.,. have fun.. and.. yea.. lol, anyways.. i leave you with a link to my computer where u can find random images and such i might put up... http://tux.luethy.net/pictures/ note that this link may not always work, as.. it is on my computer, so when my computer is turned off, that link wont work.. which.. really should be never (as in, the link should always work) unless i took my computer off the internet (and am sitting behind my local lans firewall) or, i turned my computer off cuz im in switzerland... im rebooting.. which rarely happens.. haha.. anyways... thats it for now! heresa song!

LASGO LYRICS (Ian van Dahl Remix)


If only I had one more chance
to change my life today
Then I would never let you go

All my friends keep telling me
That I should leave you for a while
So you must show your love to me
And tell me what you feel

I thought that even you had feelings for me too
I know I was wrong
And baby when you care, then I will be there
By your side

And now I stand here alone in the dark
Without you
There's nothing more that I would like
Than be with you
I close my eyes but I can't stop
Thinking of you
And now I stand here alone in the dark
Without you

Posted by Chris @ 04:06, July 01, 2002
Hrm, is that thing on the left eye suppose to be Borg-ish? It looks Borg-ish to me.

Posted by Marco @ 04:36, July 01, 2002
Lol, if you want it to be.. i dunno.. the goal was to make u look stupider then already.. ya know?

Posted by Matt @ 13:10, July 01, 2002
I didnt realize that you enjoyed so much the look of lucifer...someone thought that it was me..so goes the mini-marco thing again :|

Posted by Marco @ 14:00, July 01, 2002
dangit, that mini marco thing is annoying...