Spring Break!
Published Monday April 14th, 2003

WHeeee.... Well then.. finally i get to enjoy spring break. free from school. i'm loving it so far.. and its only sunday...
Friday we all hung out for a bit... went to the beach for a bit and just goofed off, and then proceeded to part our ways... some of the group went up to my house, up to the 2nd address/lot... Hung out a bit and then said goodbye and went home. Saturday went to grants house to pick up some game cube games ( i was to borrow mikes game cube) ..i borrowed a whole bunch of them.. i also brought grant Red Hat 9 cd's which i borrowed from wes... we made copies.. and.. la de do... i stayed at Grants untill around 22:30... I ate this rather good dinner at hhis house.. his mom cooks interestin, and appatizing meals. I then left Grants house and swung by mikes house to pick up the game cube... then went down the back way past the college (one mental institute) and headed over to wes's house to drop of the red hat 9 cd's .. and then i went home... watched SNL, watched a movie and went to bed. FUN.
Sunday, i got up and.. setup the gamecube on the big screen... and just sat there and played for around 9 hours. hahahhahahahaha. .. BWahahahahaha... as my brain slowly turned to mush, and i could feel it slush around in the bottom of my skull i departed the game cube and went back to my computer. lol. THere i sat untill i now.. lol, what. some 6 hours later.. lol, i dont move a lot. Since then ive watched some Xfiles rerun.. and... hrm.. wow... for 3 hours ive just been surfing deviantart.com and critiquing photographs and other artwork... haha, cool. Im envious of some of the work on there.. i wish i could do some of the things they do. heh.
Tomorrow my grandparents (dad's side of family) depart for Boston, they're going to drive accross country and end up their trip visiting us here, which is cool.
Tomorrow, i think we're going on a little mini family trip... heh.. fun fun. ill just drive and take photos. works for me. =).
Hrm.. yep. what else.... i think thats abbout it... for now anyways, that i can remember... heh... yep.