Published Tuesday March 18th, 2003

Economic Left/Right: -4.88
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.56

Heh, ya know.. its as good a time as ever to state my political view points. However, ill do this by simply posting a graph, rather than stating almost irrelevant opinions, and criticisms...
I'll be using a quiz/poll provided by http://www.politicalcompass.org/ its a really cool poll/quiz... check it out if you find the time, and post your results in the feed back area of this news posting by submitting a reply!
Heh... indeed. So.... monday was a horrible day... today was better.... heh, today was pretty normal.... watched Children of Dune... part 3.. the last one.. woot! it was cool... i then went to amazon.com and pre ordered the DVD and also purchased the first mini series on book 1 as well... lol, woot!... heh.
Monday.. started out horrible.. i woke up and had a huge stomach ache.. got to school late.. had to use a school bathroom... i wont get into details there.. but.. trust me.. there are details... from finding a bathroom that was open, to being hurried out by campus nazis. heh.. i had a stomach ache all day.. it sucked so much... to add to it i had a runny nose... and a massive headache... oh it was a blast.... after school i had to go to the Dermotologist about my moles.. oh that was just more fun... when i finally got home after wasting like 30 minutes waiting... i watched Children of Dune part 2... that was nice.. heh.. then i went to bed shortly there after.. which is what i should be doing now... heh..... i started this week on the wrong foot.. heh... ive been tired and.. just... not haveing great days.. tuesday, today.. was better.... heh.. and.. 2 days remain in this week of school, as friday we get off... im looking forward to that.. heh.. Friday is chris's birth day, we'll probably hang out.. it'll be fun... i just haave to survive school and get there... heh.... okay then... here goes... bed time...