Published Monday February 4th, 2002

Hrm... whats new... oh! i know! nothing... hrm.. lol, exciting... Sooo, what am i working on? oh! i know, my goals: advance in Listerbot beta, and creae music for game called epiar by chris Ah yes, excelent... hrm! oh! mike celic sent me this link today and i thought it was very amuzing.. i saw this on The Screen Savers (on techtv) so i recognized it... click here to view the file, its funny! Hrm... what else.. oh! . nothing... sounds exciting. hrm, in about the last 24 hours i setup 2 linux servers.. lol, how fun.. and, only half configured, cuz.. i thought mike celic would want to configure it himself..... oh yes, very exciting... oh! have you seen my Screenshot-Webcam!? hahahaha, its so cheap and yet cool! Here's the really extremely cheap source to a phython script:

# check current xmms stats
import os
import time
import string

def getscreenshot():
p = os.popen("import -window root -geometry 480x256 -quality 10 -silent /media/statistics/screenshot-webcam.jpg")

while (1):

Yep, sad ey? extremely sad.. haha. use the import program.. and.. thats it.. hahaha, sooo soo sad, yet.. so effective.. i love it! haha...hrm.. yep. hrm.... soo.. i think thats it for today.. yep.