Social intense weekend
Published Monday May 20th, 2002

Epiar: New Hud!
Wow.... what a weekend i've had... Very sociable... many times more then usuall, not bad at all. Started all Saturday at around 1500... i went to someones house for around 3 hours (this was probably the best part of my weekend). Then, i went on over to grants house where mike, grant, and i just hung out sat evening through sunday. We played resident evil on the game cube... that was spooky and .. nice ass graphics! woohoo! Anyways.. then at around 1330 my people picked me up frm grants (they had gone out to lunch) and we went home. At this point i hadn't eaten in over 12 hours... I then got home and was told chris called me, so i called back immediately and he reminded me about going to see Star Wars... so, i grabed a glass of chocolate milk and a banana and left the house again after i was there for less then 5 minutes... hahahaha... anyways.. then.. we plannedon going to the 1530 showing of Star wars, but going 1 hour early and meeting at the theater at 1430... however.. the 1530 showing was sold out.. so we hung out untill the 1620 showing.... I must say.. Episode 2 Was way cooler then Episode 1.... the action scenes were cool and.. yea.. it was just cooler over all... Yep Yep.. then, i got home at around 1915... 45 minutes before the serise finally of X Files... *sob*... anyways.. i eat dinner and.. then.. at 2000 watched the last xfiles for 2 hours untill 2200.... I dunno... the finalle was nice enought to summarize some of the conspiracies and all that fun stuff.. but... the ending.. was like.. ehh? Kinda left you hanging (like usual) so, i guess the Aliens will take over Earth in 2012 in the Xfiles world.. lol, okie dokie then... Hrm... then.. i did some stupid English homework project thingy... and.... now im writing this news posting right as im about to go to bed..... Ah! yes... epiar is now in 800x600 rez by default! splendid fun, yes? indeed! Check out the new Hud.... graphics by adam ( its prrety cool stuff.... anyways.. i have to go to today.. ugh.. till next time... *obbsess, obbsess, obbsess...*