Updates and Upgrades!
Published Saturday August 25th, 2001

Hm, what did i do today.. or.. well.. yesterday... Hm, well, i upgraded the guestbook-archive system... It's much spiffier now.. haha. And, i also added new line breaks in the albums-archive system due to the fact that the lines of html source got to loong for netscape causing it to not render the images correctly... I also updated random things around the site. Bad thing is, that when i upgraded the guestbook-archive system, i also upgraded the file system, and this reset the dates... and now all the old signatures dates are August 24th... haha, oh-well; moi foi! Hm, then, later yesterday, towards midnight i started working on a little logo thing, which i think i'll use for Emel Studio, it might also be used for a partnership's website, which i have joined. And, now, i just finished with the image, and read-replied to email and, now i plan on going to bed, yesterday was a good day... Hm, till next time!