la DE DE do.
Published Sunday March 20th, 2005

I want to say something worthwhile. I wish to type words in such a way that they might hold meaning. Though, I find it difficult to find something worthwhile to say, and likewise a challenge to find an arrangement of words which might hold meaning. Currently, in my mind.. Do these things I seek exist? I experienced something new a few days ago. It was.. quite enjoyable. I need a magical machine which spits out twenty's. Many people who were away are here now. It is different. I miss Switzerland. Nothing is happening. I wanted to go to Antelope Valley this weekend. It is raining. Bleh.

Peter Jackson's third film, "Dead or Alive" (or is it "Dead Alive"?) Is an excellent movie. One must ask themselves.. What happened between said film and Lord of the Rings? Perhaps Peter set aside the reefer.

I'll write a sarcastic entry with much truth later.
Posted by Simon @ 20:58, March 20, 2005
you're a genious, it can't be that hard.