its tuesday... 3 more days
Published Tuesday January 28th, 2003

Rednecks Palm Pilot^ (grant emailed it to me)
hrm.. well... today.. is tuesday.. tomorrow is wednesday.. and so 3 more days remain untill its weekend again, which is all i ever look forward to during school. My hard drives are filling up... too quickly.. they have 250gb drives out now.. for about $388.. heh... the 200gb are around $250... so.. do i buy a 200gb or do i wait a bit for prices to go down for the 250gb and deal with barely to no disk space... hrm... decisions, decisions..
well.. today little ol' bush gave his 2nd union of the state address... talked about medicare.. the economy... and naturaly.. war with iraq.. he also briefly mentioned not being blackmailed by north korea... heh... dunno.. dont have too many opinions here.. except... im not exactly for war.. however, i realize that hussein probably does have some powerful weapons, and even if he doesnt.. hes a tyrrannt who tortures and has tortures his people... however.. i dont think its one countries right to say that he cant be the leader... not exactly democratic... then again, does hussein diserve the doubts of democratic solutions.. all questions i dont even try to speculate an answer for, this is why im no politician. im against war.. but.. im not against action against sadam.. however, only if the decision is not made by a single power... heh.. somewhat contradictory.. and, war is probably the only way to get hussein out, and take away his weapons... so.. heh, dunno what to say to that.. yea.. anyways.. thats just a tad quick glimpse into my opinions.. probably not well explained, or elaborated enought.. but.. whatever..
hrm.. yea.. monday.. tuesday.. school.. bwah, tiring it was, indeed.. heh.. ... anyways.. thats it.. for today...