Length Degredation Looming
Published Friday April 30th, 2004

It a perfect time to write up an entry.

Wednesday i got up at around noon and then sat around watching Stargate SG-1 episodes on DVD. Mike and Adam came over and we hung around a bit. Mike left and Adam and I played Smash Brothers on my old N64.. I brought Adam home, ate dinner at my house and then went to a LAN at Jesse's. Played Comand and Conquor: Generals, Warcraft III, and Counter Strike all night and morning long. Andy brought some Double Shot Starbucks expresso drinks for all. (Thank's Andy) I can't say i'm a fan of coffe, or expresso's but i had one anyway just for the hell of the caffeine fun. I was wide awake when i got home. Caffeine in soda-dossage doesnt effect me, but, i guess this does. Good to know.

I got home Thursday at 0700 just in time for my sister Daniela to take the truck (the car i had used to get to and from Jesse's house) to go to school. I then went to bed. I slept untill around 10 minutes before Daniela came home from school again, 1500. Haha. More or less, i slept while she was in school. Haha. That's funny, i think.

I hung about my room a bit, went outside and looked at the solar panel power converter thingos with my dad. The watthour meter on my house was running backwards. Haha. I'll have some photos of the panels next entry. They're neat-o.

For the rest of the day, time-somehow, passed. I don't even recall what i did during Thursday. This is probably due to the fact that i got up at 1500. *shrugs* In the evening i chatted with my sister Andrea.. Partook in some horseplay.. Not a whole lot interesting, though i do not suggest it was not fun, for it was.

I watched CSI, and somehow after ended up looking at this for a bit more than 2 hours while ending up on a giant music downloading spree.

If you want to be frightened, this should do the trick. Okay, well, i guess it'll only frighten a select few, and confuse anyone else trying to understand whats to frightening. Anyway... For the rest of you i have this for you instead.

Tomorrow is Friday. What awaits me is this: Lunch at Steak+Hoagies with Mike and Kate; Manual-driving with Mike; Syncing some files with Mike. The rest.. Is up for grabs, so to speak. Though, Friday does bring the end of spring vacation #2, which is unfortunate because now i'll have to return to a normal schedule of school for about 5 weeks. In 10 weeks, i will no longer be in the USA.

Heh, i can tell that i've been up to a lot less lately than i have in the past few weeks because the length of these entries are becoming pretty short. With this, additionally, i end the entry.
Posted by Jesse+O @ 18:30, April 30, 2004
haha omg i felt like i was dying from all the caffene that i was taking in

Posted by DI @ 14:32, May 03, 2004
haha, caffeine is fabulous!!!