Sessions with Nungana - February 4th
Published Sunday February 4th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Nungana - Sessions 2007-02-04, feeling proud and pumped.

This Saturday evening I decided that it had been waaay too long since I had mixed, and that this lack of Djing needed to be remedied. Thusly, I waltzed to my garage and started mixing like a pro! Anyway.. Uhh.. It was a whole lot of fun and I don't know why I don't do it more often. It's the first time in a looong time since I mixed without Matt and so I had to take care of both deck A and B.. It was a lot of fun, to say the least. Adrenalin pumping while I picked out the next song, beat matched it, and got it all ready for transition... Woah. Crazy, crazy amounts of fun!

In this session, the set combines Tech Trance and Euphoric & Uplifting Trance together using new tracks that I bought last week from TrackItDown. It's my first time mixing these tracks, so I just kind of guessed at the best transition periods. I may shape this set into a finalized mix over time.. We'll see. Either way, here is the session set:

Nungana - Sessions 2007-02-04.mp3
140 BPM, 1h 17m 08s
98.6 MB MP3 @ 125 - 192 kbps VBR
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Track Listing:

  1. Earth Inc. - Realize (Original Vocal Short)
  2. Acute - RIOT! GEAR EP 4 (Exodus)
  3. Re-Ward - Parzival
  4. Nightflight - Desire (Original Mix)
  5. Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Original Mix)
  6. Kenidel Lopez - Heaven's Caliber (Thomas Datt Remix)
  7. Hawk - You're Mine
  8. Chakra - Love Shines Through (Martin Roth's In Electro Love Dub Remix)
  9. Fictivision vs C-Quence - Symbols (Kimito Lopez Remix)
  10. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee - 92 Elements (Original Mix)
  11. Hydragen - Creature of Habit (Octagen's Abajo Remix)
  12. Woody Van Eyden - Si-n+r-je (Darren Christian Rmx) [Oops on the transition.. :-(]
  13. Activa Presents Mekk - Twisted
  14. Ralph Novell vs. Bas & Ram - Giga Dance Anthem 2006 (Club Mix) [Brief failed Outro]