Oh How I Slack
Published Sunday August 26th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to The Shins, feeling "I couldn't tell ya".

I wonder if I'll finish it, like I wonder about so many other things. I suppose that's a real good part about work.. Projects usually have to get finished. Can't just put off something that a client is expecting done. But, I wonder, like so many other projects I've started, each time pondering the same: will I actually bring this one to it's full fruition? The pessimist hiding inside me seems to think not. I've been working on a novella for a while now.

I really have been slacking lately in terms of this blog here. Too busy, I suppose. I don't know with what exactly.. School has started as well.. which means more-less-time. Gah. Terrible.

I went to Orem, Utah (via Salt Lake City airport from LAX) last Thursday-Friday night to go "consult" with an OmniUpdate client, Utah Valley State College. Well, not the whole school, rather just the web services people. It was a fun experience. Business trip! OoooOooOOooOoooooooOOooo! The scenery there and around Salt Lake City was rather pleasing.

My world history teacher told me last week that she thought I was not challenged enough, and wouldn't be challenged enough by her course. I thought to myself, "Well.. It's Moorpark. I wasn't expecting a challenge." I am lazy, though.

I'm riding this natural high and I don't know from where it comes. I guess my consciousness has found my weekend to be satisfactory?

I think this site needs a new design.. I'm growing bored of the current one.. But I fear I lack the time or will.. Bah! How familiar in so many regards..

Posted by Chris @ 00:38, August 27, 2007
do blog more often. u wanna jam more often?

Posted by Marco @ 09:23, August 27, 2007
I should. We should.

Posted by mattgauger @ 09:35, August 28, 2007
My world history class wasn't exactly earth-shattering for me either. But I had a lot of fun in it, particularly in baiting certain students in arguing certain positions, and then disproving them. Yes, the conversations really made that class :) (Also, the professor was good enough that you couldn't really go over his head with a question, despite the subject material out of the book) Also, I'm going to pimp NaNoWriMo.org, because I'm going to do it again this year. November's as good as any other month to write a novel, and you'll probably be able to pull it off in your free time given your blog posts are roughly as much as you'd have to write per day. topher should get in on this, too, then in December we'll share our work :) - matt.gauger @ gmail . com