Where are all the Models?
Published Tuesday March 22nd, 2005

I wish I had the resources (a.k.a a model) to do this kind of studio photography:

White background... pale body, bright pink hair and green eyes.. It's just so cool.. Speaking entirely in terms of colour its so awesome. White, pink, green, pale skin tone colour.. Gaaahhh... I wish I had people to photograph like this.
Posted by Chelsea @ 01:04, March 23, 2005
It is awesome. Yay for color saturation and contrast. Not bad music either....

Posted by xiphias @ 04:49, March 23, 2005
dude, that's a guy...

Posted by Pzychonoir @ 17:18, November 03, 2005
I Don't know what the hell I'm doing here.. but I'm also pale.. green eyes... but not pink hair, although afer seeing her pics.. I was thinking of trying it..

Posted by Pzychonoir @ 17:21, November 03, 2005
I was searching for her pic when I found this site.. I also have very white skin, green eyes.. and use red lipstick.. and I was thinking.. of trying pink hair after this pic... ; ).

Posted by No Name @ 17:31, November 03, 2005
shit! I thought the last comment didn't work.. anyway..of course.. her music is as cool as she looks like ; )

Posted by kurwasyn @ 15:44, January 05, 2007
sina is so friggin hot. i wish there were more girls and models that looked like her