To Geneva and back.
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

Wednesday, August 4th we went to Geneva. After a 3 hour train ride we arrived in Geneva. It was peaceful trip, pleasant with music in my ears as we rode to southwest Switzerland. We went into various stores. There were a lot of clock and watch stores. We walked along the shore of lake Geneva a bit, and then had something to eat for lunch. We then took the tram to the UN building. Couldn't really go inside or anything, but through the heavily reinforced bars at the entrance we could see.. a row of flags and some building which was not particularly pretty.

When time came to head back home, we headed back to the train station where we hung about a bit waiting for our connection. We got a double decker coach on our train ride back to Bern, which was awesome. It was an enjoyable ride (that is, when i had my headphones in my ears and couldn't hear Raymond or Kate talk. By talk i mean make fun of people.)

When we reached our apartment again we had dinner. After dinner Wes and Adam had a drinking contest where each took 3 shots of brandy. Don't really remember who won.. Didn't really matter. Adam's head turned really red and his eyes bloodshot, and Wes became drunk and loopie with slow reaction's and interesting speech. Was amusing and rather hilarious.

Photo time! No specific order to these. The order that a script spit out the HTML is the order they're in here on this page.

Wednesday: Geneva

The entrance to the UN building.

The UN building entrance.

A jet spray, or water fountain of sort on lake Geneva.

Completely normal chair.

Wandering along lake Geneva.

More of the same.

On our way home from Geneva, waiting in the train station for our connection we found a sex store. Adam, Mike, Wes and I went inside.

We found two old guys pointing at and talking about a blow-up sex doll. We left again.

Inside of a art museum nearby the UN building.

Once again, completely and perfectly normal chair.

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the chair confuses me...