Hello Sunday
Published Sunday May 18th, 2003

Well what do you know?.. Its already sunday morning... i just watched 3 south park episodes.. all were hilarious.. lol... so much mockery and satire.. its great...

Hrm, so.. my saturday was pretty nice... relaxing.. and.. fun.. for the most part. At around 15:00 everyone came over here for an Entropy design meeting... which didnt really go so well... wasnt all too productive at all.. heh... which is a pitty... since the last one we had was on March 29th.. heh... Heh... having people over and in my room is somethimes a bit chaotic and stressfull.. heh.. i have certain parinoid things, or compulsive settings i like to maintain in my room and.. when there is a large group in my room.. i go insane.. lol.. but.. heh.. i deal with it, i suppose.. After the meeting, we played on Tysons playstation 2 which he had brought along.. the New Matrix Reloaded game... lol.. which was pretty fun, and cool... heh... Then.. or, rather.. before playing ps2 mike left.. and.. after a while tyson left too... the rest of us went to Chris's house where we watched an old black and white movie called "On the Water Front" or something like that, supposedly a top 10 movie according to imdb.com.. Heh.. dunno why.. it was an okay movie but.. nothing... super.. lol... yeh... Then.. we watched some tv and.. then.. at 2315 i drove home... how exciting.

Hrm.. an issue of Linux Journal arrived today in the mail.. woot.. something interesting to read.. in school! .. bwah-ha!... right. Anyone else see the SNL season finalle. better yet.. did anyone else think it sucked throghout the whole show?.. i dont remember laughting once... what happened to SNL? ouch.

Heh, bwah... im falling asleep.. lol, tsk tsk tsk.. i suppose i should go to bed here soon... as in.. right now, because.. 1) all motivation to type any more on this news posting has quickly faded and 2.) i have nothing more to say and 3.) im tired; im barely able to keep my eyes open.