Week 37
Published Monday September 18th, 2006

Mallory dancing. Matt mixing. Fog machine enabled.
More than a week since I last rambled. What a shameful Blogger I have become. How terrible, indeed. In fact, so much time has passed since I last wrote that I have entirely, or almost entirely forgotten what has come to pass since. Though, fear not. I do still remember the past few days for they lay fresh in my memory.

Sunday one week ago I did something. No clue what that something was for it was one week and one day ago. I’m sure it was something fun. I’m sure I enjoyed whatever it was that I did. Monday was the same way. I assume I went to work Monday one week ago, and then went to school the following day of Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were the same. I do recall going to lunch with Matt and Isaac on days that I was at work. That was most certainly enjoyable.

Well.. After the forgotten (forgotten for no particular reason except that it has been simply forgotten) week, Friday came along. My parents went to Vegas and so I saw fit to have a little gathering at my abode.. Although I could technically do this just about any time. Besides the point. The point is and was that I was having a little gathering. Matt and I mixed/DJ’d all night and various peoples came over. Abby, Isaac, Cory, Katie, Mallory, Joel, and Kevin to name a few. On Saturday Matt, Isaac, and I met up and hung about. Isaac and I installed a new deck in my car that I had forgotten about, and Matt and I mixed here and there. Later in the evening, Isaac, Cory, Abby, Matt, Sarah and to The Habit for dinner and then returned to my house/garage and Matt and I mixed again and we all just sort of danced around, conversed, and had a good time.

Mmm. Clouds of smoke and ash.
Sunday showed up. I met up with Matt and we went to guitar center to return a crappy laser light Matt had bought. After we went to Fry’s and looked around. All day long, in fact, all weekend long, a billowing brown cloud loomed over most of the county from the fire out in Las Padres National Forest. Smelled like fire everywhere too. I can still see a giant cloud of ash out the window right now.

After returning to Camarillo from Oxnard, we met up with Rachel at the Park & Ride on Pleasant Valley Rd. The three of us then headed over to Cory’s house where we found him playing WoW. We pulled him away from WoW to join us for lunch (at 14.30 or something.) After a quick stop to get some drive-thru lemonade from two random kids, we made our way to Lambardos and then Trader Joes. We stopped at a park and spent a good hour or so enjoying ourselves with our food and conversation. Later, we went to the beach and in the evening we went and saw “The Black Dahlia” for free thanks to Cory’s sister Katie who works there. Hooray! After the movie we dropped Rachel off at her car and soon thereafter I called it a night myself.

Rachel and a leaf grave yard we all "built", plus Cory's butt/back.
The hot & dry (with some Santa Anna winds) weekend ended with a shower. A shower. And soon thereafter I went to bed. Now I need some filler text so that I can include another picture in this entry without it looking awkward. Yes indeed. Doo deee doo dee daa. It’s another one of those weeks. One of those weeks where I really don’t have anything to look forward to on the weekend. In fact, I don’t even have anything to look forward to the week after this coming week. How sad. How boring. How depressing. At least I get paid this Friday.

Orange-brown sunset with giant smoke-cloud by Point Mugu.
School tomorrow. Blah. I’m already tired of school. My classes are so boring. I really fail to see the point. I show up. I sit down. I listen. I go to the next class. I sit down. I listen. I go to the next class. I sit down. I listen. I want to kill myself. I go home. I’m sure all of that could be condensed into one hour. I hate the education system.

Rabble rabble rabble. Went to lunch with Matt today. Pretty exciting stuff right there. We went and got pre-packaged sushi rolls from Trader Joes’ and then went and got sodas from Quizzno’s where some disgruntled employee proceeded to bitch us out because we paid for our sodas with credit cards. Was rather amusing. The rest of the day has been work. Work, work, work. Page tagging. Set-up stuff. Super boring. Very de-motivational. I did it all last week. No moooree. Oh well.

Yep. Here are some more pictures from week 37, 2006.
Posted by The fatty @ 22:43, September 18, 2006
always feel like crap at the end of your blog entries because you seem so depressed. i know it's probably not something you're looking forward to since you didn't mention it, but there is that concert this saturday with Gem!!! that we paid to go to already...so, yeah..excitment for Gem!!!?

Posted by Marco @ 23:31, September 18, 2006
Always is perhaps not the most accurate of words. I forgot about this Saturday. No sense of time.

Posted by The fatty @ 09:34, September 20, 2006
ok, you are right about always being a poor choice of word. but there have been many times, it just makes me sad cause you're so awesome and everything and shouldn't be all depressed or whatnot.