It's December
Published Saturday December 3rd, 2005

I guess I haven't written an entry in a while. Hrm.. I suppose I'll write one now. I don't really have all that much to share, though.. How about an entry with a bunch of links to various things I've come across. Yes? Splendid.

So.. <Code_Punk>'s
Advanced JavaScript Index
is a good resource for javascript development. Straight forward and too the point. Netvibes is just very cool. This howto on "How To Write Unmaintainable Code" is rather entertaining, and so are these prophecies about the future of Google. This is a perfect example of stupid people making ideological laws for technology they don't understand (also known as politicians), and Lifera is a really cool news aggregator/feed reader for Gnome. Speaking of news feeds.. I should finally write code for an RSS version of this weblog... and get trackback/pings working...


Look at my turntable/mixing setup!

Matt is mixing..

It's so cool! Yey!

Things have been moving along somewhat slowly lately. Work has been slow, school has been kind of slow (and next week is my last week!) and everything has been kind of slow.

Last Saturday my grandparents left and headed back towards the east coast. It was fun having them around.. But, I?ve heard that all good things must come to an end. Since then.. Not much..

Matt and I have frequently gotten together and mixed, and Chelsea usually joined to listen/hang out. I?ve thrown all the mixes we?ve done so far here. Matt and I have started trying to combine using a synthesizer and mixing on turntables together. This is one example, and this is another.

Indeed, indeed. I don?t have anything more to say. How sad and boring.
Posted by The fatty @ 00:24, December 03, 2005
not sad and boring at all. you have actually achieved DOING something in camarillo, that doesn't cost you money, and is fun for all. yippee!