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Published Saturday June 3rd, 2006

Heh.. Do I have a story to tell today! The past few hours have been crazy, indeed. I don’t even know where to begin! I guess it started today after lunch. I went outside just to go kill some time wandering around aimlessly. As I walked by the garage I heard this odd buzzing and it kept growing louder and louder as I pondered what the hell it was. I was about to completely disregard it, but as I turn around I see this floating cloud of blackish dots heading straight towards me at a great and increasingly frightening speed. All I could think was, “Fuck!” as this buzzing cloud swarmed toward me and I realized it was a shitload of pissed off bees. I quickly pivoted on my toes and tried to rush into the garage as quickly as I could. As I rotated, I apparently snapped the muscle in my ankle and I just sort of lunged forward and my face took out the door knob to the garage side-door where I was trying to get in to escape from the swarm of pissed off bees.

The next thing I felt was a great sharp pain shoot up through my head from my mouth and then I felt this cold sensation from my nose followed by stinging in the back of my neck and my arms. In just a matter of seconds I had managed to completely screw over my left ankle, loose my two front teeth, break my nose and get stung in at least 20 different locations around my body. Apparently I’ve managed to become allergic to bees since my childhood and as I stumbled towards help, my nose dripping with ridiculous amounts of blood and my arms, my neck, and anywhere I was stung swelling, turning me into some sort of Michelin Man look-a-like.

From here on, I don’t quite remember just what happened. I remember random parts of a drive to the hospital and then at one point seeing a needle and freaking out, and then I woke up with my dad staring down at me. After a few more hours the hospital let me go home. My entire upper body hurts like hell. They managed to put both teeth back into my mouth, but now there’s wire around them to hold them in place until they stay in by themselves.

I really wish I had taken a shower before all of this happened, because now I have to wait a few days. Ugh. Actually, none of what you just read is true. Chris told me to make stuff up. I’ve actually just been sitting here (my chair in my room) all day long trying to avoid any movement in fear of being even hotter than I already am, but failing for the most part. But if all that had happened, at least I’d have something to write about.. And even though it was completely made up, I had something to write about nonetheless. But.. now I don’t. Begin the rambling…

Make trash can out of your CRT monitor. Also, that article’s website has a really cool header graphic. It’s kind of a rare thing to see something like it on the internet used in such a way. It’s cool. Also, I recently read one two interesting articles at work about the various online music sites which suggest music to you. It’s an interesting read, and a field which I’m definitely interested in. I mean.. music, statistics, generated data from other data, the internet, and more music? How could I not be interested.

Also, a quick mention of data retention. Stupid. But it only figures. What a waste of resources to save all the stupid internet traffic between a user, the users ISP, and MySpace just so that the government can “catch terrorists.” How well the terrorism banner flutters in the American wind. Especially useless because any terrorist who’s communicating via the internet is going to be using some sort of encryption therefore rendering the data retention absolutely fucking useless (unless you’re the RIAA which will want it’s hands on the data as soon as legislation is passed.)

Speaking of stupid. Some people presumably from Minnesota are apparently stupid. I saw this last night/this morning when watching TV.
Wow.. How sad. What’s more sad is that people will type the web address in just as they see it and then be confused when it wont load.

I think people believe in a god, or believe in an after life because if they couldn’t believe in such a thing, what reason is there to live? A humans life lasts a mere century at best. If there’s no belief in something after death, then.. what the hell is the point of even being alive? An after life is a perfect illusion to give someone a reason for existing. “Once I die, my existence is removed from this Universe forever,” is a lot more depressing than, “Once I die, I’ll continue my existence in the after life,” Which seems rather cheerful.

.. and stuff..

.. Really not sure where I was going with that. To be continued? Probably not. Perfect reason to explain why I don’t write articles about stuff. I lose interest in writing about the stuff way too fast.

Out of random boredom today, I decided that I needed to buy the domain marcoluethy.name, and then convinced Chris, without really trying, to do similarly. Random, but it’s what I did today. Also, last night Matt Gauger convinced me to start a Nation States account again. Last time we played that online “game” was two years ago. Ha ha.

I feel like quoting someone.

(17:46:41) Chris Thielen: i think sending people links is an art
(17:46:56) Chris Thielen: some people are good at it and send really informative links and other people send like, unfunny jokes and shit
(17:47:14) Chris Thielen: yea, it's a stretch


I think that’ll do it for today.
Posted by christopher michael thielen @ 13:37, June 04, 2006
i hate to be the first comment, but that made-up story was pretty good. somewhat vivid details of pain. i think that means you're from space. anybody good at describing pain must know what it's like to almost burn up on the way down to the ground from space.

Posted by Marco @ 14:07, June 04, 2006

Posted by Brian @ 23:48, June 05, 2006
You got me! I'm sitting here, reading about how you got stung by a swarm of bees, thinking to myself how on earth you hid the bruises and such so well today. Maybe it was under all the sweat from the broken A/C.... who knows. Anyways, while I don't think mass-monitoring of the internet at large is particularly desirable, you have to remember what you learned in INET 101: Introduction to the World Wide Web - anything you don't encrypt is viewable by anyone between here and there. There's no expectation of privacy. As for your "they'll use encryption anyways..." theory, check here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13153000/ Apparently encryption was too much for these guys, or their encryption sucked, most likely the former.