Perpetual posting
Published Monday January 19th, 2004

Ah, yes. Another weekend comes to a close. A lovely relaxing, non eventful 3 day weekend it was. Oh, but what a pitty that it must be concluded. Alas, i see another 3 day weekend on the horizon, but i must wait and live out my semester finals before. Things i am not looking forward to. Namely, my math final. It could be the death or the life of my 2nd semester schedule. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Anyways, yesterday, that day being Sunday... I got up at a typical 1300 and headed off to matts with my synthesizer. Our goal was to work some more on the song we've been working on, and had worked on over winter vacation. It's comming along rather well and for the most part matts done most of the work. A sample can be found here. It's coming along.

Moving on, today not a terribly whole lot happened. I watched Kill Bil vol 1 in the early early morning, went to bed at around
0300, woke up 9 hours later, got up. Sat around. Didnt do much of anything. Adam came over. We sat around. Didn't do much of anything.Turned on the tv and watched Cyberchase on PBS just for shit's and giggles. (its a really aweful show) Kate came over.. we decided to drive down the coast and go to Neptunes Net, but never got there. Before we left, we picked up matt and then i pulled over and started photographing the sunset while matt, adam, and kate did their own little things, like walk on the rocks or be bored, or just enjoy the sunset. We turned back shortly after that, and dropped people off where they belonged.

I got home, and turned on my tv to watch Barbarians on the Discovery Channel. I love the discovery channel. Watched the special for 2 hours, took a shower and suchlikes. My computer crashed as i was working with the photographs i had taken, i got annoyed. I rebooted, the first in 16 days (16 days was the last time my computer locked up.) and la de do. Adam linked me to some site where you make decisions and thus shape a nation you have created. So, i created my own nation mainly out of boredom. Finished with that, and here i am writing this image-intensive blog entry.

You may notice that some colours and font sizes are different then normal on the page. I'm changing some things around but im not yet sure how i want it to stay. That, and this blog entry's format is rather different from my older ones. I'm somewhat tired of the play blocky format of my blogs where i just throw in an image, then have some text and throw in another, each time the text divided by the picture. No more! So, this is stage one in upgrading my blogger: Get the miscellaneous layouts. Then, i shall automate, and simplify so it doesn't take me long to make an entry.. And then, it shall be done! Fascinating, i know, i know.

Well then, now comes another week of school. Oh, goodie. It'll only be a 4 day week, and on one of those 4 we have
a minimum day (thursday). But, still school is school. Blah.

Heh, i think i have run out of thinks to say at this point, thus i shall conclude this entry now.