First post of september!
Published Sunday September 2nd, 2001

Hm, well.. whatdya know.. its september....hmm.. yesterday i was at my friends, Mike with my other friend Grant.... and.. we... were all at Mikes.. and.. we.... chilled on computers and listened to and ripped the trance cd's i brought from switzerland.... hmm.. then.. i got picked up at about 1100.. and.. got home soon enought. then.. i set up a dial-in server type setup thing along with my dad and then.. now.. we can dial up to our server and never be deprived from our network... what great fun... indeed.... hmm... this weekend i wished to release eM-eList, with a new name, but it doesnt seem like its going to happen... which is a pitty... hmm... 3 day weekend this weekend.. dont have s*hool on monday for some reason.... dont know why.. memorial day or soemthing.. but.. i thought we already had memorial day this year.. but... ohwell! a day off from school is always good and gladly accepted! hmmm... well then... today. after i got home from my friends... and afte the whole dial-in thing... i went and surfed along on and just checked up on all my favourite old artists... and... like.. downloaded 700MB or something....and.... umm.. im having problems finding disk space these days... baah!my 15GB or... is it 13.. my 13GB hard disk is full... all with trance... mostly encoded at 128kbps... loads of fun, ey? hmm... later yesterday evening.. after my raid... i my friend and my dad where trying to get his linux machine dialed in right to my server and the new dialup configs... we didnt exactly succeed.. but i and my friend, Chris were able to get it working on his WinMe machine..... anyways.. bla bla bla.. ey? hmm.. welp... i dunno what. hmm. i still need a new name that i can rename eM-eList to.. because i dont think eM-eList wll cut it... ive been thinking... maybe.. Lister, or Lister Bot.. i dunno, feel free to contat me if you have any good ideas.... by the way.. im talking about a email list bot type thing.. so yea.. hmm.. welp... its like 0200 in the morning.. and.. my sisters dog is barking.... but that doesnt matter to me becaus eim not trying to sleep.. however.. everyone else is probably getting pissed off... whilst i sit here and just type this ever sadening news post.... hmm.. maybe ill stop now... hmm.. yep, i think i shall! welp.. till next post...
Posted by Brian @ 17:09, September 29, 2006
Poor Chris... you let him use Windows ME?

Posted by Marco @ 17:13, September 29, 2006
Let? I didn't have much of a choice. He already had it installed. Poor guy. What an idiot.