The Yearly Intervention
Published Friday July 4th, 2008 from Wasen i.E., Switzerland. Listening to Mani, feeling post-endorphin-burst moody.

Lately I've been censoring myself too much and thus posting much less. In an attempt to break this trend, here's something from the uncensored department.


This happens whenever I take a vacation: I remember how my current life is not what I want to live. When living my routine I get lost. Lost in my work, buried in To-Do lists, irrelevant worries and stress with nothing but tunnel vision through which to look. I lose sight of what I discover each year when I'm in Switzerland: I'm not happy in America; We share too many incompatibilities.

I take a step away from the ether and the numbing fades..

I don't care: I read a work email earlier today and got flustered, caught up in solving a problem which should have been completely irrelevant to me. Worried about trying to maintain some sort of perfection but instead feeling distressed as I felt it slipping away. While reeling from frustration, I caught myself. I didn't need to read that email, or any of the others. They're important, sure, but not important enough to intrude on the intervention from the most addicting drug to interfere with my neurons to date: work.

I breath the ether to numb dissatisfaction with my normal day-to-day routine. The routines' attributes provide the ether. The people, society, and the location provide the cloth. The country pours. Work embodies the thing.


Luckily I have something up my sleeve.. 

Posted by A Bear @ 18:27, July 06, 2008
I have a similar thing... except every time you leave to Switzerland I miss you... as if we EVER hung out anyway... It's like it suddenly dawns on me.

Posted by Chelsea @ 12:23, July 15, 2008
Hmm, now I am curious as to what you have up your sleeve. You always seem to say the same things each time, it's a cycle. Will you finally break the cycle and do what we all THINK you should do? Or will you surprise us all? Curiosity and tingling excitement...surprise me Marco, do something good for yourself. :)