6 * 36 (Tri-X 400) = 216
Published Sunday January 30th, 2005

The entries really have been lacking here, ey? I find that these day's I am rarely home, or when I am.. Not terribly motivated to do anything on the computer.. Time is passing by really quickly, and I like this. I am already more than half way through my first session of classes at Brooks.

The past weeks have been similar in activities. I drive to classes in Santa Barbara, shoot off a lot of film, develop, process and print photographs for projects which are due for my photography class and in the late afternoons and evenings I typically return to Camarillo and hang out with whoever is around. This has repeated itself for the past few weeks, or so..

This weekend Matt and I went to Barstow. We left after Matt got off work and finally departed Camarillo around midnight. By 02.00ish we had arrived in Barstow and looked around a bit. We drove out to a small little village outside of Barstow named Dagget where we slept inside Matt's car between the old route 66 and railway lines. We folded down the back seats in Matt's car and slept in the trunk with our feet sticking out into the cabin of the car. It was quite cosy.

We got up at around 10.30 today (Sunday), drove around a bit, made some sandwiches with the stuff we brought along for breakfast, and then drove around some more. We ended up at the Rainbow Basin National Preserve. We spent a good amount of the day here walking around and taking many photographs. I shot off 6 rolls of 36 frames today. By around 15.00 we returned to Barstow, watched some more trains drive by in the large rail yard, and then went on our marry way back to boring Camarillo via the 15, the 18, the 14, the 5, the 405, the 118, the 23, and finally Santa Rosa road. I should mention that on the way to Barstow we took Santa Rosa road, the 23, the 118, the 210 and then the 15. I write all of this because I know how interesting it is.

Additionally, I should be sure to not fail to mention that I saw Gem on Friday! Horay for Gem.

Are these entries not short?

I think they are.

That is all.

The End.

Posted by Simon+ @ 21:20, January 30, 2005
Heh they are only as short as you want them to be. and Camarillo may be boring when compared to other places, but think of it this way, without it you wouldnt have much of an imagination and would be way less creative, those you couldnt make fun trip like said trip above. i'm done.

Posted by Marco @ 23:55, January 30, 2005
Oh! ..And have Banker Simon change my ones for tens!

Posted by Chelsea @ 00:28, January 31, 2005
All the "power" goes to Marco!

Posted by Marco @ 18:30, January 31, 2005
hooray, the power is all mine!

Posted by Di @ 21:46, January 31, 2005
Barstow is quite fascinating. But I think you need to go to the Alien Fresh Jerky place in Baker. There's a gigantic thermometer.

Posted by Chris @ 01:35, February 01, 2005
yay for writing!

Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 08:14, February 04, 2005
I miss your entries, because I don't know anymore what's going on in your life! ;) But anyway, I know how you probably feel with school and everything... Wow, I have one more week to go, actually just four exams, and that kind of... sucks! ;) But then again, afterwards I have five weeks of merry not-university! ;) Have a great time and "dr